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Apple iPhone – iOS 12.1.2 is distributed

With no big announcement and no long beta, Apple has now launched iOS 12.1.2. The release should also have a reason.

The update itself is quite small, after all, only the number changes after the second point. Apple itself speaks in the changelog of problems in the activation of eSIM and the mobile connection of the current iPhone in Turkey. More details do not call us Apple in this case.

However, Apple announced the update last week already, because in China they are threatened with a ban on the sale of some iPhones. Qualcomm complained and went in a trial as a winner from the hall. Apple stated in a statement that an update will solve the allegations.

Incidentally, the update is distributed only for the iPhone, I just wanted to install it directly on the iPad, but it is not offered to me there. There is also no update for the Apple Watch. What exactly changes with iOS 12.1.2 (for the purpose of China) is not yet known at this time.

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