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Apple iPhone XR is driving the migration from Android to iOS

The Apple iPhone XR has recently arrived on the world shelves and is already making a dent in the market. This is the most inexpensive model of the Cupertino company for 2018 and, it seems, is already causing a shake of forces between Android and iOS.

The rivalry between these two operating systems is not new and is far from over. They are the two main subjects of the current technological market. Therefore, there will always be a discussion between which one will be the best for the end consumer.

Already in regards to the Apple iPhone XR, this always promised to be a sales success. The most varied analysts see this model as the most attractive for iOS lovers due to its price most in mind.

Apple iPhone XR unbalances the balance between Android and iOS

While some reports are already beginning to suggest that this smartphone has fallen short of expectations, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners sees this scenario more optimistic.

According to the latest CIRP report, the Apple iPhone XR claimed 32% of iPhone sales in November. For comparison purposes, the iPhone XS claimed 35% of sales in the same period.

It is well known that Apple is not in the habit of revealing the performance of its smartphones in terms of sales. In this way, the gross number of equipment sold will always be unknown. But these agencies always give us an idea of what is going to happen.

Analyzing then the migration of users, CIRP says that the new generation of iPhone’s has been responsible for the migration of many users from Android to iOS. This agency denotes, however, that the Apple iPhone XR has been the main contributor to this scenario.

Indeed, this report says that 16% of new iOS users in November came from the Android competitor. As early as November 2017, the number was only 11%.

The CIRP claims that the iPhone XR has been a huge draw for many Android users. This agency goes even further by stating”… based on pricing and features, we can infer that Apple positioned the iPhone XR to attract potential migrators of Android operating systems.

In short, the new Apple iPhone XR outlines itself as the best bet for those who want to join the iOS world. After all, this is the most recent, and most recent, model the Cupertino company offers to consumers.

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