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Apple wants to launch “virtual reality glasses”. It’s only 3000 €

If you do not know, everything indicates that Apple has been working on a device focused on virtual reality for several years. However, it does not want to be compared to HTC, Oculus, or other industry brands. As such, we are talking about a device that is a “Virtual Reality Helmet,” but which at the same time is more of a “Virtual Reality Glasses.”

A joke that apparently will hit the market in 2022, with the unfriendly price of 3000 €.

Apple is about to launch “virtual reality glasses.” It’s only 3000 €

Apple Vr
Apple Vr

Therefore, Apple seems to want to focus on the Premium market, equipping its product with two 8K screens, eye tracking, the possibility of changing headbands, and also monitoring what is around the user.

Apparently, we are talking about a device with support for “spatial audio” and the possibility of expanding the battery.

But what is really interesting is that there will be no commands to control this new product! Everything will be done with gestures, eye movements, among other things that we have probably seen in the movies, but that does not yet exist in the market.

However, the problem is that all this innovation has a price, which seems to be well settled at 3000 €, with Apple wanting to sell 250 thousand devices before moving on to a new bet in this field.

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