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Apple’s Plans for Electric Cars Begins

Apple is known for manufacturing electronic devices such as iPhones, iPads, and others. Now the company is pivoting towards building a car in 2023. Hyundai just confirmed that it is having talks with Apple regarding the manufacture of an electric car.

There have been reports that the iPhone maker was interested in making electric cars, and this news is one more confirmation of that. A representative of Hyundai said in an interview that Hyundai understands that Apple has been talking to various automakers worldwide regarding building an electric vehicle. He said because the discussion is in the early stages, nothing is confirmed yet.

The latest information came from the Korean Economic Daily, and it states that Apple approached Hyundai not only for developing electric cars but also rechargeable batteries.

Apple Car Hyundai
Apple Car Hyundai

Apple has developed a codename for the car project. It is called Apple’s Project Titan, and it promises to develop a battery produced that can radically reduce costs, but increase a vehicle’s range. There have been suggestions that Apple intends to ‘monocell’ battery design for allowing more active material to be contained, and in that case, let the car drive further on a single charge.

The new technology for the battery is something formidable. Some experts believe that it is the likes of Apple that could really get to it, but it is a lot harder than developing a smartphone. So, Apple may need to step up its game when it comes to technology in order to achieve its latest goals.

The new plans by Apple for an electric car are only in their infancy. There is no hope that the company can actually finish manufacturing this car in 2023. The latest report claims that the development of Apple’s electric car may begin sometime in 2024. That date could be pushed further because of the current effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

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