Apps to record the screen on your Android

screen recorder for Android
screen recorder for Android

Android, in its stock version, does not have an option to record the screen natively, some manufacturers add it in their customization layers, but not all have it, so today we bring you some applications that will be useful to record your screen when you need it.

We will give you several applications so you can choose, so without much delay, we tell you which you can use.

Check that your phone does not have the option to record screen

Let’s start at the beginning, see that your phone has the option to record screen. EMUI or MIUI are some of the layers of personalization that allow this option, if you do not know how to find it google search if you can record the screen with your phone’s brand, if you can do it with your phone, you do not need to install anything to do it.

AZ Screen Recorder

One of the most classic applications to record the screen from time immemorial in Android, AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to have the options floating on a button to quickly access them, as well as quick accesses such as capture or recording. If we enter the options we can select the resolution, frames per second, etc. of our video, so have some control over our recordings.

It is also a little intrusive app during the recording, for something it is one of the flagships of Android for years.

DU Recorder

Another of the classic options of Android,  DU Recorder,  this is a matter of taste, which one do you prefer? DU Recorder works just as easily as AZ Screen Recorder, with floating options to access quickly, but upon entering the application, you have faster access to your videos and to be able to make simple edits. If you are going to edit it, DU Recorder allows you to make some cut and more basic edition. In addition, you can make these edits videos that have not recorded with the application. A most interesting option.

Game Screen Recorder

This application will be the delight of all mobile gamers who want to start sharing their games. Game Screen Recorder specializes precisely in that, in recording video games.

If you’re a PC gamer, maybe you know NVIDIA ShadowPlay; the operation is similar, detect your games and you can start them from the app itself and start recording directly from there. It is very, very easy to start and stop recording, ready to be fast during the game.

We are sure that you will like it if you play on your mobile phone.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

Finally, we have ScreenCam Screen Recorder. What is the difference between this and the others? Easy, the options, allows recording at 1440p in case you have a phone with a screen of such resolution, and also has a great option for selecting the bitrate,  all the apps mentioned so far could record up to 12Mbps, this allows up to 48Mbps. Of course, we are not responsible for the abuse of your phone in case it does not support it.

After recording we can cut the piece of the video that interests us, it does not give many options, but it is good to leave the option.

Well, these are our options. Which are yours? Do you use a different app? Leave it in the comments!


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