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Asus ScreenPad – which is an alternative version of the Apple Touch Bar? (photo)

Perhaps the Microsoft Store is not the richest source of rumors, but sometimes it can provide us with some interesting gems. Today is the case of ScreenPad, or more precisely, a series of extensions of ScreenPad features likely to be coming soon from Asus.

But what is ScreenPad? Actually, nobody knows, but it must be some function related to high-end laptops, in fact, the minimum requirements are:

This app only supports ASUS notebooks with specific hardware below.

  1. Combined precision touchpad with ASUS PTP driver and touch screen.
  2. A dGPU model with NVidia GTX970 GPU that supports direct mode.
  3. Toshiba TC358870XBG Video Bridge IC and ITE8225 MCU.

So a GTX970 graphics card is required (comparable with a current generation GTX1060) and Toshiba TC358870XBG, which is a chip that allows video connection with another device via an HDMI and DSI connection. We all know the HDMI, but a little ‘less DSI (Digital Serial Interface) – this is a connection that is seen above all in the logic cards, so not properly suitable for an “external” device.

The extensions also can give us a better idea of what will be the final product – first, the screenshots are full HD, a sign that they go to apply for a high-resolution screen. Furthermore, the top ” X ” at the top is very large, a sign that is applied to a touchscreen and, probably, to a small screen. Finally, even the interface of the extensions seems suitable for very small screens.

What can we deduce? Well, this is a device external to the laptop or, more likely, that is integrated in the same, perhaps going to replace the touchpad, with features very similar to the Touch Bar used on the latest MacBook models.

The list of extensions is very extensive (including Spotify and YouTube), and we leave you the list below. If you want to decide to download them, however, we warn you that it is a waste of time – the execution of the app will open only the corresponding page of the store.


In short, can we expect a new type of products coming from Asus? What is certain is that Asus has always been a bit of a pioneer of alternative products (do you remember PadFone?), And it might surprise us this time too. Would you like a device like that?

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