Audiomack Partners MTN to Offer Music Streaming at Zero Cost

Mtn Audiomack
Mtn Audiomack

There is a work in progress known as Audiomack+MTN Data Bundle Program. It offers MTN subscribers a bundle for streaming unlimited music, while they also access content on Audiomack free of data charge.

MTN and Audiomack will make it possible for anyone with an MTN SIM to gain free access to Audiomack’s streaming service through their mobile device. They have to make use of weekly or monthly subscriptions to be able to enjoy the service.

The weekly plan offers 1.2GB and free Audiomack at 270 Naira, while the monthly plan offers 2.5GB plus free Audiomack at 550 Naira only.

Mtn + Audiomack
Mtn + Audiomack

Because high data cost is one of the biggest barriers to music streaming in Nigeria, the two companies made it necessary to offer Nigerians what they love to enjoy. It is no surprise, for MTN is Africa’s leading telecommunications company. Both companies are very excited to offer the best and hottest new musical tracks; something that Nigerian youths will truly appreciate a lot. According to MTN, this is a mix of real-time trending, top charts, and expertly-curated playlists to MTN subscribers.

This partnership is seen as Audiomack’s commitment towards democratizing music streaming, a mission that MTN subscribers will greatly benefit from.

From time to time, high costs of data have been the biggest drawback to streaming music and movies in Nigeria. So, it is with great gratitude that Nigerians who make use of MTN SIMs will accept this good offer.

Just as Srinivas Rao, Chief Digital Officer at MTN said, the company recognizes the growing need of its customers, especially when it comes to having more options to access entertainment and it has partnered with Audiomack to offer the teeming subscribers an uninterrupted stream of the best, newest, and most diverse musical selections.


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