Best 16 sites to download free Fonts in 2022

Best sites to download free fonts. Whether you are creating a logo for your blog or website or a graphic work, you may need some new fonts to make your writing more original and captivating.

If you don’t know where to find free fonts for your texts, you should know that you can access many sites to download free fonts and use them for your projects.

All fonts are compatible with various operating systems, for example, you can install fonts on Windows, you can also use them beyond the web, perhaps for a tattoo or to create a flyer or poster.

Best sites to download free fonts

Below you will find the list of the best sites to download free fonts, you will find many original fonts that you can view carefully before deciding to save on your device.

Google Fonts

google fonts service

Google Fonts is the solution offered by Google in terms of writing, an online service that boasts one of the largest archives of free fonts to download. They are fonts designed primarily for online use, but graphic works and documents can also be downloaded.

We recommend that you read the general conditions of use of each font package. To facilitate the search for the characters that best suit your needs, there are categories such as Language to search only for Latin, Greek, etc. fonts … Or, filters such as sorting which sorts them by popularity, date of publication, etc.



Dafont is another site to download fonts for free, completely in Italian, easy to consult, includes hundreds of fonts, suitable for any need. Easy to consult, you can browse the categories of fonts available and select the one you prefer.

The fonts available are of various kinds, you can find horror, gothic, western-style fonts, but also special fonts dedicated to holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and much more.

Font Squirrel

font squirrel

Font Squirrel offers free fonts that can be freely used in the commercial field, it is a very large archive, constantly updated with new fonts.

To facilitate consultation within the site, various categories and filters are available that allow you to immediately find the fonts that may interest you most. For example, you can find the Rough, Grung, Elegant, Sans, geometric, etc … fonts Or you can see which ones are the most downloaded.

Font Library

font library

Font Library allows you to easily access thousands of free fonts to download, as it is an open-source site. Inside the library, there are fonts of different kinds that you can download to use them for your projects, both online and offline.

Furthermore, anyone can contribute to the project by uploading their own fonts or by modifying those already present, after registering with a specific account for this function. Here, too, there are categories and filters that make it easier to find the fonts to use.

Cufon Fonts

cufon fonts

Cufon Fonts is a complete free font site that offers users a myriad of fonts, by registering you can also add your own fonts and modify existing ones.

There are free fonts for every occasion, need, and recurrence, they can be found quickly thanks to a well-structured categorization, moreover, there are also symbols that you can use as graphic elements for your projects.

The site archives are constantly updated and are constantly enriched with new characters also thanks to the contribution of external users.



1001fonts in addition to simply making available many free fonts for the user, downloadable with a few clicks, you can also view them in different color sizes.

This possibility can help you better understand what the final effect of the chosen font will be within a specific graphic or editorial project. Most of the fonts can be used freely for personal and commercial purposes.



MyFonts is one of the best sites to download fonts, you have two options for accessing fonts, with free font categories and others for a fee.

To facilitate the user to find the best fonts, there are rankings of the most downloaded and popular, you can also do the direct search for a type of font using the appropriate search form. If you want to buy the fonts you can enjoy some periodic special offers.


STOCKIO is an online free font service organized to make font search as intuitive as possible. The subdivision into the category of the characters in the library is very clear, the search is done quickly.

There are also free vector images, icons, and videos that can be downloaded and used to enrich the content of your website. Ability to register and access additional benefits.



FontZone offers many free fonts of various kinds, to be used freely for any creative purpose. There are an interesting variety of fonts, there are 3D fonts, graffiti fonts, unusual fonts, fun fonts, script fonts, and much more.

In addition, you have access to the Popular Fonts category, to be able to see which are the most consulted and downloaded by other users. You can also contribute to the site by uploading your own fonts.

Other sites to download free fonts

Also, try these free sites to find new fonts:

  1. Theleagueofmoveabletype
  2. Fawnt
  3. Fon River
  4. Urban Fonts
  5. Fontstruct
  6. Abstractfonts
  7. HypeForType