The Best Alexa Games to Play on Echo device in 2022

Amazon Echoes can also be used for fun, activating skills with quizzes and riddles, skills to learn trivia, and various information and games in which cunning and skill are required to complete the goal. These games can be played alone or in company, thus transforming an Alexa speaker into an excellent companion for evenings with friends or family.

In the guide that follows we will show you the best skills to play with Echo and Alexa, to try for free on any speaker compatible with Alexa. To start the game skills we don’t have to activate them from the Alexa app, as it is sufficient to say “Alexa, open (skill name)” or “Alexa, open (skill name)” to start playing immediately.


Akinator is one of the funniest games available on Alexa. This genie of the lamp will try to read your mind, guessing the famous person you have thought of. In order to do this, I will ask you some questions that we will have to answer sincerely, so as to guess who we were thinking about. Akinator is quite accurate and will make friends and family gape – the more questions we answer, the more precisely he will guess who we thought.

To launch it, simply say the voice command “Alexa, open Akinator”.

Escape Room

Escape Room is a logic game in which we will have to solve the proposed puzzles in order to escape from the room, just like real escape rooms. The skill offers as scenarios from which to escape a prison cell, an office, a car, or a garage, with an increasing level of difficulty. With Alexa’s commands we will be able to look in a precise direction (up, down, right, left), inspect an object, and use a tool collected on the scene to complete the escape.

To take advantage of this skill properly we will have to use an Echo Show or a Fire TV Stick since interaction with images and objects to choose during the game is required (impossible to do on a simple Echo Dot).

The command to launch the game skill is “Alexa, open Escape Room”.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

The first game for the whole family is Trivial Pursuit, the game with which we can test our knowledge of things and compare it with others. This edition is designed for groups and allows 2 to 4 players to play. To play we will have to answer the questions of each category before moving on to the next: the winner is the one who answers each of the questions of the 6 categories correctly, as well as asking about the final challenge.

This skill can be adapted to the type of people playing: each player can decide whether to receive questions for children or questions for adults, so as to avoid embarrassing situations when children or minors are present.

To play we have to launch the command “Alexa, open Trivial Pursuit Family Edition”.

Capitals of the World

Another very fun game to try on Alexa is Capitals of the World, a quiz game to play together with Alexa to test when we are good at geography. The game allows you to guess a capital at random (choosing from the numerous nations present) or to start the Around the World mode, in which we have to guess the capitals by making the complete tour of the world (starting from one of the cardinal points).

This skill also offers the Battle of Regions mode where the participating players will be classified according to the region they live in, so that they can proclaim the region of Italy every day with the greatest geography experts.

To launch this skill, just say the command “Alexa, open World Capitals”.

Truth or dare – Spin the bottle

To make an evening with friends really fun we can try the spin the bottle skill, in which Alexa will take the trouble to spin a bottle and ask “truth or dare” to anyone who ends up in range. The game is at its best with the Echo Show or the Fire TV Stick, as you need to see the virtual bottle where it stops.

This game skill can be launched with the command “Alexa, open Spin the Bottle”.

True or false quiz

The skill Quiz True or false could not be missing on Alexa, that is the game in which we must correctly answer a series of questions on any type of topic. An explanation or information is provided for each question provided, so you can use this skill to learn new things. The game asks various questions with true or false and offers 3 error attempts: if we finish the attempts we will lose the game and the points generated up to that moment will contribute to the general classification.

To play quiz on Alexa, simply run the command “Alexa, open Quiz True or False”.

Guess who I am

The Guess Who I Am skill offers an inverse game to Akinator. Alexa will provide a series of clues about a mysterious character and it will be up to us (or our friends or relatives) to guess who it is. It can become a real party pastime, as there are athletes, celebrities, electronics, fruits, animals, brands, and cartoon characters in the game.

To start this fun skill we say the command “Alexa, open Guess who I am”.

Animal Game

The Skill The Animal Game will delight children: Alexa will try to guess which animal we are thinking about, in a very similar way to Akinator. Given the high precision of Alexa’s search system, it is advisable to immediately think of a difficult animal, so as to make the game last for a long time.

Those who want to launch this skill just have to say, in front of the assistant, the phrase “Alexa, open The Animal Game”.

Guess the number

Another very surprising game skill is Guess the Number, with which Alexa will try to guess the number we are thinking by asking a series of very precise questions. To make the game even more beautiful, let’s take a sheet of paper, write the number and try to make Alexa guess: laughter and amazement are guaranteed among friends and relatives!

To launch this skill, simply say the command “Alexa, open Guess the number”.


Alexa and a simple Echo Dot or Echo Show 8 can become excellent pastimes for parties or to entertain guests or children, as they offer a series of skill games well made and able to entertain everyone.

In English, there are many more games but slowly they are also arriving in Italian; those at the top should be enough for everyone to enjoy as a family or at parties with friends.