Best Alternatives To Gmail For Android in 2022

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2 Gmail

Today we will see what are all the best alternatives to Gmail for Android. Gmail as you well know is the Google application that allows you to manage e-mail and being a very well-known app that is often first installed on many Android smartphones, is also the one that is most used. The application works quite well, but it may not satisfy all users, so why not look for a valid alternative? The Google Play Store really has many alternative apps for Gmail, with many applications that allow you to access your e-mail.

Gmail has recently undergone an important redesign, however, it has not yet introduced the night theme (which could be an important thing for those who use the app in the dark), moreover, it could be uncomfortable due to Google’s data mining, and it is here, users often need alternatives to Gmail. In this post, we will see what the best alternatives to Gmail for Android. Read on to find out what they are.

The best alternatives to Gmail for Android- Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft ‘s focus on cloud-first and mobile-first is making great progress on both Android and iOS. The company has developed an ecosystem of applications on these platforms and among those apps, one of the most appreciated and critically acclaimed is Microsoft Outlook. The app is simple to use, tidy and very intuitive, also one of the biggest points in favor of Microsoft Outlook is focused on incoming mail as it manages to analyze and sort emails based on priorities, moving all the social media, news, annoying ads on the “Others” tab. You will not receive notifications for these emails, while the most important ones will be sent to the Inbox tab. You can also manually set the rule to receive specific emails on targeted inboxes. Microsoft Outlook also includes calendar support with sports programs and TV (sports fans will be happy), Facebook, Evernote, then integrates the cloud to upload files directly from Drive or Dropbox. Microsoft Outlook also supports the widget and a long press on the app icon allows access to quick actions. A lack of the app is accessible via fingerprint or facial recognition, however, it is hoped that this lack will soon be integrated.

The best alternatives to Gmail for Android- Yahoo Mail

Another alternative to Gmail is Yahoo Mail, a very valid application but that to be used has the big drawback of being forced to log in with a registered Yahoo account, then you can access the various features available on Yahoo Mail. The user interface of Yahoo Mail is simple, just scroll to the left to view the menu that contains all the relevant information and folders of the email account. The area where Yahoo Mail excels is the support of documents, photos and information for travel in a single pass. If you want to view the latest documents or the next details of a flight, simply go to the relevant folder and access the information. Between other additional features include support for contacts, themes, authentication with fingerprints and additional service components known as Linkedin, Google Drive, and Dropbox.  Yahoo Mail also offers a quick popup menu and many widget options. Little lack, the calendar is not included in the app.

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The best alternatives to Gmail for Android- Spark

Spark is one of the most popular third-party email clients that is finally making headway in the Android world. Many say after using Spark for a while, which is the best alternative to Google’s Inbox. The application offers a function called “Smart Inbox”, able to classify incoming emails in some cards. The social networks are downloaded to a social network, while the advertisements are moved to the newsletter section. Important e-mails are kept at the top with the “Priority” tag and those already read are placed at the bottom of the screen. Similar to Inbox, Spark allows you to easily find the most important emails and hides the irrelevant ones. Considering the user interface, Spark is a little less modern than other applications of the same type, however, it offers Team functionality with which you can create a team and give rise to group communication. Spark does not have calendar and widget support but it is hoped to see these features added in future updates.

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The best alternatives to Gmail for Android- Blue Mail

Blue Mail is one of the oldest email applications that we can find for the Android platform. At a glance, you may notice that the developers have favored features over time with respect to a new application interface so much so that it does not even have animations worthy of note like other e-mail apps seen previously. What matters to Blue Mail is the quality and number of features it has. The application is in fact full of features such as group, calendar integration, activity display, personalized incoming mail and much more. Surely Blue Mail is worth trying if you are looking for a viable alternative to Gmail.

The best alternatives to Gmail for Android- Email – Fast & Secure mail for Gmail Outlook & more

Email -Fast & Secure mail for Gmail Outlook & more is equipped with a smooth and practical user interface and animations, yet it still uses a graphical interface that is still out of step with the times like other apps of the same type. The two most important salient points of this application are the Assistant function and a cancel button to quick type newsletters. The assistant works like a normal app organizer that intelligently allows you to categorize e-mails related to subscriptions, trips, bills, entertainment and package information. It retrieves all relevant information from the email and presents it in the form of an easily accessible list. Newsletter cancellation is a must for any email app and this application showcases a large unsubscribe button in the email and with one touch you can get rid of boring promotions and newsletters. Email -Fast & Secure mail for Gmail Outlook & more also supports widgets and offers long press pop-up menus with relevant pertinent options

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