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11 Best Alternatives to Evite: Sites Like Evite in 2023

Are you interested in finding the best alternatives to Evite? Well, as promised, here are today’s top 11 alternatives to Evite for sending online invitations. It is now simpler than ever before to invite guests to an event. You will have access to first-rate invitation services right at your fingertips.

Some services can be found online that can assist you with the organization of the event, the search for appropriate venues where the event may be held, selecting the appropriate invitation card, and providing a map with instructions to the place.

After doing some research and looking around, we discovered that the following websites are useful for inviting individuals. Sending invitations does not require you to perform any complicated actions on your part. Utilizing these websites makes the process relatively uncomplicated.


Evite was one of the very first websites to offer online invitations when it was introduced in 1998, during the height of the dot-com bubble. It immediately became popular due to the fact that it was free to use and made references to popular culture. Compared to our more traditional method of sending invitations, this website made inviting guests to various events considerably simpler and more expedient.

To send an invitation using Evite, you will first need to fill out all of the information regarding the event (whether it be a party or a ceremony), then enter the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all of the guests you wish to invite, and finally click the “Finish and Send” button when you are finished.

Although it is simple to create “an Evite” (the name given to invites that are issued using this website), the service is experiencing a decline in usage. In light of the fact that the developers are not making nearly enough efforts to innovate or enhance the user experience of the product in comparison to all of its rivals. Also, you can read: “Best Putlocker alternatives.”

11 Best Alternatives to Evite: Sites Like Evite in 2023

It is significantly slower compared to other options that can be found on the internet. Let’s have a look at some of the other online invitation sending options outside Evite. We have also shared sites like Craigslist to buy and sell used stuff.

1. Anyvite

Anyvite is a really fantastic platform for sending invitations, and you can use it to alert your friends and family about any future events that you are planning to attend. You are able to customize the invitation, and then either send it via regular mail, send it via text message, or send it via one of your social media sites.

The use of Anyvite is about as simple as it can get. You only need to decide on a format or design for the invitation, and then add it to the list of people who will be receiving it. The fact that the user interfaces of Evite and Anyvite are relatively comparable is one of the reasons why the former is such a fantastic option to the latter. Anyvite was founded and is currently managed by Dan Morin and his brother Jeff Morin. From the very beginning, the Morin brothers’ primary objective was to design the application with an intuitive user experience.

2. Punchbowl

This website became viral after being selected as one of PC World’s “25 Web Sites to Watch” and after receiving the MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) award for usability shortly after its launch in 2006.

After undergoing a user interface redesign a few years ago, Punchbowl became friendlier to users. The free online service can send invitations to up to 100 guests at a time. In addition, you are able to send digital cards to a maximum of ten people every month. However, these invitations will also contain advertisements.

Utilizing this tool to organize the event and send out RSVP cards is a big help. The RSVP can be tracked, and through the website, we can also email guests any updates that may be relevant. It is one of the best alternatives to Evite for sending invitations online.

Punchbowl worked together with companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Transformers, and Activision to improve the game’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to organizing celebrations for children, Punchbowl might be the best option. Recently, we published sites like Rainierland, which must be read if you are a movie freak.

3. Pingg

If you enjoy the clean and uncluttered appearance of the site, then you might find that you enjoy using it. You are allowed to send an invitation to a recipient list of up to 75 persons while using the complimentary service.

It provides a number of helpful features, and one of those is the ability to sell tickets for events hosted by a third party or even collect contributions for a group. As part of the complimentary service, advertising will be printed on the invitations. To tell the truth, it’s one of the top websites that are similar to Evite.

Pingg has a number of useful features, one of which is the capability to upload your own photographs and designs to be used on invitations. It is easy to send an RSVP, and you also have the opportunity to track it; you may also email event updates to the visitors who have RSVPed.

4. Paperless Post

To digitally invite attendees to an event, the Paperless Post is a strong contender for the role traditionally played by Evite. 2009 marked the beginning of operations for this firm, which has its headquarters in New York. The vast array of personalization options that can be found on the website sets it apart from the competition. Additionally, there is an app for iOS.

Paperless Post collaborates with well-known fashion designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and many others in order to provide invites with the most elegant designs possible.

You are limited to sending the complimentary cards to a maximum of 2,000 different email addresses.

Flyer, a brand-new product, will allow you to broadcast your event across various channels, including social media, SMS, email, and many more.

Save the Dates is one of the website’s best services for wedding invites. However, this service is not free, and you will need coins in order to send out these invitations. You have a few options for personalization when utilizing the free cards, such as the ability to submit your own design or image.

5. PurpleTrail

Like Evite, PurpleTrail is a premium website that allows users to send online invitations. An invitation is available for any kind of event, or you can have a card made just for your occasion if you like. Both options are available. Some of the categories are suffering from a lack of available topics. It is available to be downloaded as an application from the Apple App Store.

You have the option to speak with your attendees, and your guests have the ability to make suggestions on the event’s location and start and end timings. Signing up for the service and entering all the event information is required before you can begin creating and mailing invitations.

After that, input each event attendee’s e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers. PurpleTrail does not display advertisements. However, users can pay a nominal charge to have printed advertisements distributed. Additionally, you are able to make individualized planners through the website.

6. Minted

Minted is a website that you should check out if you are looking for wedding invitations that are both aesthetically beautiful and affordable. Although this website is primarily designed for wedding invitations, in recent years, they have made tremendous strides in expanding its selections to accommodate a variety of events and celebrations.

It takes around ten minutes to create an invitation using Minted and send it to the recipient. You can collaborate with a designer to develop the design that you are looking for, and all of the designs that are featured on the internet were created by independent designers.

The wedding website lets guests keep tabs on their RSVP status. The website also sells various other products, such as gifts, calendars, stationery, and more.

7. SmileBox

One of the most effective software for making slideshows, invites, greeting cards, and collages, Smilebox is distributed by Perion Network Ltd. and may be downloaded for free. The website will allow you to customize the card after you have selected a format to use. On the card, you have the ability to include photographs, animations, music, captions, and more.

In addition, you will have the option of sending the invitation cards by email or posting them on social media. The number of available design templates is restricted when using the free version. You can, however, add some spice to the experience by personalizing the card. Using Smilebox to create and send invites is a reasonably straightforward and trouble-free endeavor.

8. Shindigg

This list of the top alternatives to Evite also includes the fantastic website Shindigg. Utilizing this website as a tool, you may efficiently design and manage your event. You will first need to establish an event page on Shindigg, after which you may personalize it by including text, animations, images, and videos.

After entering all pertinent information into the event page, the invitation may be sent through email or shared on social media. Shindigg allows you to sell tickets and collect money for your event. Your work will be simplified due to the website’s ability to keep track of all the transactions.

9. Greenvelope

This application features a sophisticated design that is very modifiable and facilitates the direct sending of invitations to one’s loved ones and acquaintances. Many kinds of invitation cards are available, and they can be used for various events.

Greenvelope enables users to incorporate a variety of media into their invitations, including music, the venue’s location as displayed on Google Maps, photos, animations, and more.

The process of making and delivering invites does not cost anything, but if you go to their official website, you may check out their single mailing and yearly membership package options.

It allows you to send an RSVP and provides an easy way to track it. You can even send a single invitation to an entire family by grouping the attendees together and using this feature.

10. Sendomatic

You have the option on this website to develop a completely individualized design according to your preferences, or you may select an exquisite layout from their extensive library of options. You can send invitations to a maximum of 10 recipients using the complimentary service.

You can either pay for a single event or purchase an annual membership that grants you access to an unlimited number of events.

You may send and track RSVPs, as well as select designs appropriate for a variety of situations.

You can also sell tickets through Sendomatic, and no advertisements will be printed on any invitation cards.

11. Facebook

You can also send invitations to people using Facebook, but these invitations are not as efficient and user-friendly as the other alternatives to Evite that are currently available. These invitations are typically ignored the vast majority of the time.

You will need to begin by creating an event on Facebook, after which you will need to navigate to the event and click the “Invite” button. You can send invitations to people by entering their name, email address, or phone number in the space provided for that purpose. Click the “Send Invites” button after you have selected the profiles of the people you wish to invite by tapping on those profiles. On Facebook, sending invitations is a simple and cost-free process.


That wraps up our look at some of the top alternatives to Evite. I really hope that you have a better understanding of the concept behind websites such as Evite, which allow users to send invitations online. However, if you are searching for excellent features and designs for your invitations, then the websites listed above can be helpful for you. Evite is still commonly used, but if you are looking for alternatives, check out the websites given above.

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