Best apps to program on Android and iPhone/iPad

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For programmers, apps to use on Android and on iPhone, and iPad, are suitable for compiling programming code

All the best programmers know that in order to create new apps and programs you need to have a computer, a development environment (IDE), and a screen large enough to be able to jot down lines of code quickly and easily. But if we are often away from home and need to complete a particular coding job, it may be useful to discover the apps dedicated to programming for Android and iOS / iPadOS, so as to be able to add or correct your code even when we are traveling and do not have with us our faithful laptop.

In the following guide, we will show you the best apps for programming and coding on Android phones and tablets and on iPhone / iPad using only free and easy-to-use apps for this purpose on any phone and on any tablet (preferred due to the larger screen).

App to program on Android

The first app that we recommend you try to program on the go on Android devices is Dcoder, Compiler IDE.

Dcoder, Compiler IDE

With this app, we will have IDEs in which it is possible to execute projects, program, and learn algorithms by programming directly on portable devices. With it we will be able to build and distribute complete projects directly from the mobile phone, thanks also to the integration with Git (Github, bitbucket), as well as synchronize all changes with the starting code, so as to always keep track of changes and intervene only where necessary.

Another interesting app for programming and coding on Android is CodeSnack IDE.

CodeSnack IDE

CodeSnack is an IDE that provides all the for great programs or mobile apps, learn to code using sample ready-to-use code snippets, and deploy back-end and front-end apps. The app supports over 10 programming languages ​​and allows you to practice with them, so you can learn to master them like a true expert.

Among the many apps that we can try for code and programming on Android stands out Code Editor.

Code Editor

This text editor is optimized to handle the correction and encoding of app source codes, thus behaving in a very similar way to NotePad ++ on PC. The app is very useful for developing apps directly on Android, without going through the PC; it contains all the tools for coding, syntax highlighting, automatic re-entry, code assistant, automatic completion, compilation, and code execution.

If we develop in Java (reference language for Android apps) we can use the app on Android Jvdroid.


This IDE for Java has all the tools to be able to work on this programming language without being connected online. There is an offline Java compiler, support for OpenJDK 11, support for Maven projects and libraries, examples, and templates for learning the language, a terminal emulator, and a JShell-based Java interpreter mode (REPL).

App for programming on iPhone / iPad

If we use an iPhone or even better an iPad to program we can help us with a free app like Koder Code Editor.

Koder Code Editor

Koder Code Editor will be able to program in different languages ​​(including HTML5) in a very comfortable IDE to use, with a synchronization system designed for expert users with support for FTP, WebDAV, and other synchronization systems. During coding, we can use advanced tools such as syntax checkers, find and replace and function lists.

If, on the other hand, we want to use the best coding app seen on Android and also on iPhone/iPad, just download it on the Apple device CodeSnack IDE.

CodeSnack IDE IOS

All the advantages seen on the same app for Android are confirmed as a whole, with the addition of greater support for the Swift language (dedicated to apps that run on iPhone and iPad) and optimization for Retina screens, in particular when we use the app on iPad.

Another app that we can use to program and do coding on iPhone / iPad is Kodex.


With this app, you can take advantage of an advanced text editor (in NotePa ++ style) with which to correct and improve over 150 different languages, take advantage of the HTML code auto-completion mode, take advantage of the tabs to program on multiple codes or on multiple fragments of code, use a mini-map to quickly navigate the longer codes and change the theme based on the type of language we are using.


Passionate programmers or those who make apps by profession must have their personal IDE always ready to use, even on the phone or tablet. If we receive a code to be revised or we often access our saved codes online we can make corrections on the fly, even if obviously the biggest jobs must always be done from the PC, especially if we have set up a nice PC to program.

If we do not know which programming code to learn, it is better to choose between the most searched programming languages ​​at work so as to secure a career in the IT sector; if instead we are very small or we want to program for fun we can also see the programming languages ​​for children and school coding so you can learn and have fun at the same time.