5 Best Chromium-based Browsers in 2022

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Developed by Google, Chromium is an open-source codebase used for creating Google Chrome browsers. Because that browser became very popular, other developers decided to create browsers based on Chromium.

If you wish to know more and try more of the available Chromium-based browsers available in 2022, you are in the right place. This is important because many people who wish to make use of other Chromium-based browsers don’t know the best alternatives to Chrome.

That’s why we put this article together. Talking about the top Chromium-based browsers out there, these ones listed below are the best that you should try in 2022.

Advantage of using Chromium-based browsers

The browsers have a few advantages over the other type of browsers. Chromium-based browsers are fast, simple to use, and they allow users to easily customize them for even better usage. Let’s now see the list of best Chromium-based browsers you should check out in 2022. We have included Chrome itself in this list.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser
Google Chrome Browser

It is very popular, and most people are already familiar with this Chromium-based browser. Yet. Google Chrome is known as the best among browsers of this sort. With a minimalist design, it offers great extension support and gives the user an almost unlimited experience that makes them come back over and over again to use it. For the record, Chrome syncs with many devices in a way that no other browser could. Its google account integration offers the convenience of use for all. Many people, whether for business or personal use rely on Google Chrome to accomplish day-to-day tasks online.

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Best features of Google Chrome

  • Fast browsing
  • Simple design
  • Massive array of extensions
  • Excellent syncing features

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

It is one of the biggest competitors to Google Chrome. Microsoft has engaged in major upgrades to make the browser work for most users in 2022. Like the aforementioned browser, it is packed with a lot of features but the users will marvel more at its uniqueness. You can save websites and group them for better organization. It has a guest feature that allows you to browse the internet anonymously. There are also built-in tools to make your browsing experience more productive every day. One nice feature is that right-clicking on a page on the browser will give you a screenshot tool.

Best Features of Microsoft Edge

  • Screenshot tool
  • Use of Google Chrome extensions
  • Good performance

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Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser

Not so common like Chrome or Edge, Vivaldi is another Chromium-based browser that is what a look at in 2022. The browser is loved by users because of the convenience it offers. One of the most beautiful features of this browser is that it enables the opening of a two-level tab stack that helps you to group your tabs in a reasonable manner. Another good feature is that it comes with a web panel that allows the opening of a site anytime on split-screen. You can activate the tracker blocker so you can browse without anyone finding the trace of what you did. Who does not like a little bit of privacy? Also, using keyboard shortcuts, you can customize the browser itself. Chrome extensions work well in Vivaldi as well.

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Best features of Vivaldi

  • You can enable ad and tracker blockers
  • Chrome extensions available
  • Customize the theme to look as beautiful as you want

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Brave Browser
Brave Browser

This browser is praised for its high privacy features. If you want to browse the internet without having to bother much about intrusion from the outside cyber world, Brave is one of the best browsers available. As much as it protects your privacy, you can also rely on it as one of the fastest Chromium-based browsers in 2022. If you’re using it on your smartphone, be assured that it consumes less power, making your phone battery last longer than as usual. It also has the ad and tracking blocker capability. This browser is seen as one of the most efficient and reliable browsers that you can use. Get a smooth browsing experience with pages popping up quickly. Its Tor support gives optimal privacy. Yes, you can also get Chrome extensions while using the browser as well.

Best features of Brave

  • Beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Security capability
  • Supports IPFS

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Opera Browser
Opera Browser

Opera is also based on the Chromium project. It is light, fast, and easy to use. Many people who browse from their phones really cherish this browser. Windows and Mac users can download it and use it. People cherish it more because of its improved privacy features. There is also an offer for a free VPN service that enables you to bypass websites blocked in some countries. You can block ads so that you’re able to have a better experience when using the site. It has the latest edition that comes with a browser-based chat app, and other numerous customizable options. Although you can install add-ons from the Chrome Store, this browser has its own add-ons.

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Best features of Opera

  • Browser chat apps
  • Built-in ad blockers

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There you go, you have seen the best five top Chromium-based browsers used in the world. There are others but if you know of these five listed above, you’re in good hands. However, there is still some more information you need to know about these browsers.

Why Chromium-based browsers?

The number one reason is that they are open source. That means many organizations and individuals can join the project and make it better. There is nothing like monopoly here, although those who first jump into the project appear to always benefit more than those who come last. Secondly, these types of browsers provide a better user experience.

Why is Firefox not listed here?

Firefox is not based on Chromium. It runs on a Quantum browser engine that enables enough privacy. However, we can’t tell you which one is better between Firefox and Chrome. What we can tell you is that many Firefox users have in the past moved over to Chrome. It appears that Fox is faster on mobile phones, whereas Chrome is faster on desktops. Both browsers work nicely.


There are many new builds of the Chromium browser each day. That suggests that the future of the project is enhanced. Google uses the open-source platform to receive input from outside sources and work on new ideas quickly. Therefore, as tech changes, in this case, users can be assured that they will always get the best from Chromium-based browsers.