12 best crypto ad networks for advertisers & publishers (2022)


    We are living in an age where cryptocurrencies are regarded as the new norm. That said, many people want to raise their financial levels by investing in it. For others, mining Bitcoin or Ethereum online has become a daily endeavor. If you need to earn cryptocurrency through ad networks, keep reading. You may have so much to spare in terms of crypto on online advertising as an advertiser. We have revealed the best 15 of these ad networks below.

    These ad networks will help you as a web publisher to increase your revenue in the form of cryptocurrency, and if you’re an advertiser, you can achieve a lot for your brand by making use of these highly efficient crypto ad networks. One advantage of knowing these crypto ad networks is that you will be able to get more important information that you can arm yourself with, in case you need to go into full crypto investments.

     What you will learn

    Read on to find information about the best crypto ad networks online. You may have been having concerns regarding this field, but if you read further, you will be able to learn the following:

    • You will be exposed to the best crypto ad networks available in 2022
    • You will see their importance through a brief description of each of these 12 sites

    The importance of crypto ad networks

    These ad networks are very much like Google or Yahoo! Advertising networks, except for two reasons, they offer unique services.

    • They support crypto-related projects
    • They accept or approve only businesses and websites that are blockchain-oriented

    What that means is that if your business is that oriented, you can advertise through these ad networks. Viewers or prospective business partners already have crypto embedded in their minds as they look at your ads. Also, if your website publishes information about crypto world occurrences, you may decide to earn some crypto in 2022.

    In this way, an advertiser really benefits from ad networks that are crypto-oriented because they find a ready market for their products. Such advertising strategies quickly yield results because they are directed to prospects who are already crypto-inclined. The end benefits can be amazing.

    Let’s now pay full attention to these crypto ad networks below.

    1. A-Ads

    A Ads
    A Ads

    This is perhaps the first among all of them, but that’s not why it is currently in the number space here. If it is not the first, it should be one of the very first popular crypto ad networks worldwide. Advertisers see what they can’t see when they buy ads from Google. That’s a huge advantage. They are able to see impressions garnered all over the network daily. They mainly sell ad spaces for crypto ad projects but there are other industries that can also benefit as well. It is easy to create a campaign and get started showcasing one’s brand on this network.


    • Creating a campaign is quick and simple
    • The approval process is fast as well
    • Campaigns can later be adjusted later for maximum performance
    • Geo-targeting is available to the advertiser

    2. Bitmedia.io


    This ad network garners over a billion impressions each month, and there are more than 20 million unique visitors and advertisers worldwide who use this platform regularly. Initially, it was an AI-based ad network with over 5,000 crypto-based websites running over 20,000 campaigns on its platform. If you make use of this platform, you will have several options provided as regards targeting prospects.


    • They verify advertisers manually
    • The network connects advertisers to only real people (claim not investigated)
    • The powerful algorithm used to show ads to related users
    • They also have tools in place to check click fraud
    • The platform is devoid of bots, making only quality traffic available

    3. CoinZilla


    This platform has over 650 websites under its roof. It also gets over one billion impressions per month.  It is primed to offer to emerge and consolidate cryptocurrency projects. It provides various advertising options that boost the crypto market growth worldwide. Advertisers get a lot of custom deal advertising options that they can’t get easily anywhere. The network has been around for over five years, yet its performance shows that it is still one of the best crypto ad networks in 2022. For payments from advertisers, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfers, credit cards, and Wellmoney. It also offers sweet affiliate returns to partners all over the world.


    • It garners over 1 billion impressions every month
    • There are efficient account managers that help set up campaigns easily
    • This platform only approves quality sellers
    • It offers multiple payment methods so that all advertisers can easily pay
    • Publishers with crypto or non-crypto-related content on their sites can earn cryptocurrency from this platform when they place ads on their blogs or websites

    4. Ad Dragon (Dragon X)

    Ad Dragon
    Ad Dragon

    This ad network is less than five years old, but it is also making waves in the crypto advertising market in 2022. It was mainly based on Ethereum advertising solutions to businesses that focus on crypto. However, because of its good offers meant for advertisers and publishers on its platform, the ad network quickly grew. Users view it as a decentralized platform that helps advertisers to launch campaigns through several efferent tools. Advertisers can also personalize their ads, this is seen as a better way of maximizing returns. Ad Dragon is the world’s first Defi advertising platform that’s grown to be one of the best online marketplaces for advertising services. It achieves the feat in a very short while.


    • Providing high-quality traffic is easy with this ad network
    • The platform offers decentralized ad offers that make advertisers also earn up to 95 percent of advertising money.
    • It came as a unique crypto ad network
    • There are also good tools to help advertisers launch their campaigns
    • It offers forward-looking provisions for both advertisers and publishers

    5. Ad Ex Network

    Adex Network Logo
    Adex Network Logo

    This network mainly focused on solving issues that affected advertising campaigns’ performance. It offered several tools to help publishers solve their problems, and through this means, it made a quick improvement among other competitors. Its mode of operation includes dealing with advertisements, frauds, privacy, consent to receive sponsored texts, and others as well. The platform is still small when compared to others like it, having just about 300 carefully picked advertisers. As one of the first decentralized crypto ad networks, it is based on Ethereum. The real-time reporting formats provided are one way it is used to ensure maximum transparency.


    • This ad network focuses on helping both advertisers and publishers to solve their issues
    • It has no commission and no fee as it allows 100 percent monetization of traffic
    • It is one of the first decentralized ad networks to introduce transparency to the crypto ad network
    • It has no limits on withdrawals and no minimum deposits
    • The platform also runs cash-back programs

    6. Coinverti


    This crypto ad platform operates through two main ad formats: CPM and CPC. It also targets all types of crypto platforms to advertise or make money by display advertising. This is one of the best low-budget ad networks, letting advertisers put up campaigns for only 0.001 BTC. Publishers are able to withdraw their money to Bitcoin or Ethereum wallets. However, it just doesn’t accept sites anyhow. For example, if a site is to be accepted by publishers, it has to be in the 200,000 Alexa rank level. It offers various cool advertising options for both advertisers and publishers. This often includes banner ads, native ads, in-feed ads, pop-unders, and others.


    • It only accepts self-hosted crypto and blockchain-related websites
    • It provides real-time performance metrics
    • There are personal account managers to help set up campaigns
    • Publishers can withdraw through Ethereum or Bitcoin at their convenience
    • Advertisers and publishers are able to get detailed reports and customized advertisements
    • There are various advertising tools for both advertisers and publishers

    7. Cointraffic


    This crypto ad network plays a major role in both crypto and fiat, and it is able to provide solutions that work with everybody’s requirements. Here, advertisers have to pay a minimum of 500 euros deposit before they can advertise their brand. They have to put a limit of spending 20 euros per day on their respective budgets. That means that this platform is mainly for serious-minded advertisers who have a lot of cryptocurrencies to spend. However, the platform has a weak geo-restriction capacity.


    • This is one of the first major networks offering crypto and fiat ad network
    • The cost to put adverts is high
    • The platform has weak geo-restriction in place
    • It operates with both Bitcoin and Ethereum

    8. CoinAd


    This ad network generates up to 100,000 impressions per day. That traffic is coming through about 200 websites under CoinAd’s umbrella. Because publishers are accepted by means of invites, we can confidently say that this means better performance for the advertisers on the platform. As such, it means that publishers can also get a good return on investments. Advertisers find it easy to place ads because doing so is affordable. Before you join this ad network, be aware of the fact that it is for elite advertisers and publishers. That also means there’s a lot a client can achieve in their dashboard.


    • Publishers are accepted by invitation
    • Publishers have a reliable ROI to benefit from
    • It has about 200 publishers in its domain
    • There are multiple ad formats
    • Advertisers can take control of their dashboards
    • Advertisers can control demographics

    9. Adshares


    The ad network started with simple and small-scale advertising operations that have grown over the years to be one of the most notable in 2022. The founders have a lot of experience in blockchain solutions, and that seems to be the main reason the company is in the business of crypto advertising. It allows direct deals that are made between publishers and advertisers. If you’re dealing with them as publishers or advertisers, you don’t need to link up with a third party. As you want, you may deal without interruption if you’re an advertiser. If you want censorship-free advertising, you’re in the right place. It serves the international advertising market effectively.


    • Enjoy low-cost offers as advertisers
    • Enjoy censor-free advertising on this platform
    • Process various blockchain ads
    • It may bypass any ad blocker

    10. Adconity


    This is a Bitcoin and blockchain advertising network offering good prices for advertisers who are seeking to reach crypto market enthusiasts. For publishers who are looking to quickly monetize their blogs, here’s a very good option. Simply add the codes to your website and earn some crypto from legitimate clicks occurring from the ads on your website. Its bidding advertising is probably one of the highest in the industry. Once a publisher has put codes on his website, it is easy to instantly get paid with Bitcoin. To get the most desired results, a publisher may have to filter out some adverts.


    • Simple means of adding codes to display on publishers’ websites
    • Integrating Bitcoin allows quick payments for publishers
    • Advertisers can outshine the competition through this ad network
    • Best for publishers who are looking to earn quickly using their blogs
    • For advertisers, the pricing is reasonable

    11. Token Ad

    Token Ad
    Token Ad

    Publishers sponsored or powered by the RTB advertising industry have much to benefit from this ad network. It is a very good option for businesses that want to promote only crypto brands and opportunities. This network helps both advertisers and publishers to monetize their marketing platforms, content, websites, blogs, crypto exchanges, ICO rankings, etc. there are different ad formats that advertisers can set, and publishers can add to their platforms. Getting started is easy for both parties on this platform. However, note that as many of the ad networks mentioned above are, both parties must deal in the crypto ad content.


    • Anyone or any business dealing in crypto services and products can benefit from this ad network
    • Their various forms of ads to explore
    • It is simple and quick to get started on the part of publishers and advertisers
    • Certain geographical areas benefit more

    12. CryptoAdsManager


    It all started as an efficient crypto ad network that wanted to provide a new way for publishers and advertisers to promote and advertise their blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and Fintech projects. This is one of the most respected in the cryptocurrency marketplace today. It sets data that focuses mainly on crypto and Fintech audience. This crypto ad network has overcome several hindrances, including online bans in recent times. Its remarkable mechanism has helped in providing helpful tips for both publishers and advertisers alike on its platform.


    • Customer progress and satisfaction is the main thing here, so advertisers and publishers find it easy to reach their goal
    • There’s a very easy method of payment
    • There is no need to pay a high deposit if advertisers want to join
    • Its unique features draw both advertisers and publishers on board


    Everyone wants to jump on to anything crypto these days. There are many ways to earn when you deal with crypto ad networks. We have seen how advertisers can put their platforms out there and reach billions of people through publishers spread around the globe. This list of 12 ad networks that are solely dealing in the crypto industry is vital for anyone who wants to earn digital-wise online.