Best Free Weather Apps for Windows 10

You will agree with me that weather plays an important role in people’s life. This is why most people rely on their smartphones to know the weather condition of a certain place, country, or region. Well, developers have made everything possible with so many weather Apps on Google Play Store.

However, not everyone has access to their smartphone every time, or let’s say some people are always stuck on their PC, mostly at the office, and they even book flights using their desktop computer. So let’s say you want to check the weather condition of a certain place before booking your flight; instead of grabbing your device, you can easily do that using your laptop.

Yes, there are tons of amazing weather apps available for Windows 10 PC. With that in mind, we have decided to compile the list of the best weather apps for Windows.

1. Strawberry Weather

strawberry weather

Strawberry Weather is a free weather app that you can access and install on your Windows PC via Microsoft Store. The app provides basic weather details like current weather, weather alerts, extended forecast, and more. One thing you will so much enjoy on the Strawberry Weather apps is the customization options. You will have 13 different themes to customize the look of the app. Sadly it lacks a Weather map feature.

2. MyRadar


MyRadar is another decent weather app that you can install on your PC. The app comes with some good features. This free application helps to display the animated weather radar around your location. It also shows users the air quality index, upcoming weather forecast (week), and many more.

3. SimpleWeather


Just as the name indicates, simple weather is a simple and lightweight, free weather app for Windows PC. The app is great because, despite being simple, it brings all the important weather features on board. It provides weather information based on your location, weekly weather forecast, humidity, wind condition, sunrise/sunset times, etc. It also has a Radar option that you can use to view the animated weather information.

4. MSN Weather

msn weather

MSN Weather is a product of Microsoft itself. The app was initially known as Bing Wallpaper and used to display current weather conditions. Right now, it brings a pretty clean user interface and shows the current weather condition of your selected cities.

Apart from that, it also shows a ten-day extended forecast. You can even break down the extended forecast on an hourly basis. An animated weather mode shows radar forecast, precipitation values, satellite coverage, and cloud coverage.

5. ForecaWeather


ForecaWeather is another best weather apps for Windows. This is the easiest weather app to use on Windows 10 when compared with other apps. It provides reports of current weather conditions and shows 10-day weather forecasts and weather animations across the world. You can even choose from over 140,000 locations to check the weather information.

There you have them, the best apps to check for weather conditions in Windows 10. Of course, this App also works well in others Windows like Windows 7 and Windows 8.