Best Gacha Games for Android and iOS

Best Gacha Games fir Android and iOS
Best Gacha Games fir Android and iOS

Gaming is evolving and different genres have been brought up in the last few years. Thanks to smartphones, you can play games that are suited for mobile and that adopts some elements from PC or consoles. Gacha games are increasingly popular with the big titles having a massive player-base and even some of the smaller ones. Gacha games are a fusion of long and compelling storylines, old school jRPG combat mechanics, and various types of special events, with some having an online multiplayer. Gacha games offer you the ability to summon characters with in-game currency or in-game items. Let us see the 5 best Gacha games you can download for mobile.

Best Gacha Games for Android and iOS

  1. Dragon Champions

1 Dragon Champions Gacha Game
Dragon Champions Gacha Game

Dragon Champion isn’t some unknown title, in fact, it is very popular. The gacha games have garnered several fans and has high ratings for its records. On the Google Play Store, the statistics are 4.5 stars out of over 9k votes and 4.9 stars on the App Store. In this free game, you have mobile RPG gameplay, an interesting storyline, and stunning graphics.

The game mimics some elements of the old CPU MMORPG and brings on modern features to suit today’s game audience. It is loaded with tactical battles that can be played in both PVP and PVR mode and many do enjoy them. There are numerous battles between dragons and demons and you bring in your champions to fight too with some fusion of gacha.

Choose from the seven races in Dragons Champion and have the privilege of playing on both sides. Your team can be armed, evolved, upgraded, and tweaked. Just ensure you have the right strategy to win.

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2. Brave Nine

2 Brave Nine Gacha Game
Brave Nine Gacha Game

Brave Nine isn’t an older title but just come on the scene not too long ago but has a loyal player base. It offers unique gameplay from the tried & true “hero collector” gameplay. Its uniqueness is seen in resources channeled into team lineups and synergies and that it has more than 9 heroes on your team and this makes it a distinct among the competition.

Brave Nine story mode has many parts with hundreds of stages that will immerse you into the game more and more. The story mode is designed in a way that you’ll have to make the right strategy, have a team that is to implement this strategy to be successful.

The balance in the game is top-notch coupled with the numerous modes and the free Energy available that you won’t get your character exhausted. PvP isn’t absent from the game as there are plenty of distinct PvP modes, each having its own rules, rewards, and requirements.

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3. Girls Frontline

3 Girls Frontline Gacha Game
Girls Frontline Gacha Game

Girls Frontline is one of the two Titans of Waifu collector and the tactical element is applied. Teams take on opposition units and defeat them taking into consideration food and ammo supply. The teams must make sure they restock at supply bases before their commission runs out

The story is great and the event stories are interesting with renowned Japanese voice actors featured. Resources you earn can help you in Summoning and to get slot expansions, oath rings, and costumes, you have to use your premium currency. The cons of the game are that most costumes cannot be easily accessed and are locked behind a gacha and it is rare to find a Live2D costume.

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4. Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

4 Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Gacha Game
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Gacha Game

Final Fantasy is a series and has some titles before Opera Omnia and playing those ones (if you enjoyed them) will prompt you to play Opera Omnia too. Based on the RPG game style, Opera Omnia has elements of Gacha in it. Gacha games are mostly played in the RPG style.

All the characters from Final Fantasy series appear in Opera Omnia and you play along with the immersive storyline. The game features an in-game reward system where you have the opportunity to collect various characters. Should you need a weapon or character, simply pull a Gacha. Attain balance between your offense and defense and with the right strategy, attack in the turn-based combat system of the game.

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5. Fate/Grand Order

5 FateGrand Order Gacha Game
Fate/Grand Order Gacha Game

Fate/Grand Order is a popular gacha game and is a title in the Fate Universe that comprises of various titles that center around historical figures. To get characters of your choice, ensure you have enough of the in-game currency, Saint Quartz. The storyline is broad and compelling and it won’t take much of your time to play. There are various events from which you can choose from and partake in and you’d still catch the fun of the game. The game is turn-based and a tactical RPG in nature. It is a simple gacha game you should try out on either your Android device or iOS device.

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