Best GPS Trackers For Multiple Uses in 2022

GPS trackers are not only important for tracking your dog’s whereabouts. You may also want to track the whereabouts of your dog. As you will see, most of the trackers sold in the market today have multiple benefits. The ones we outlined here have unique features, and they are designed with the most advanced area tracking innovation, so much so that they offer an accurate location for anyone who wants to know.

A good GPS tracker brings at least two advantages:

  • You will be able to find the whereabouts of your kid, your dog, or your loved ones
  • It helps the police to be able to track bad guys very quickly during a time of the kidnapping

GPS Trackers may not work excellently as you desired because many sub-standard ones are sold in the market. That’s why we have outlined the five best among them for you to pick from in case you need to purchase one.

5. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

invoxia cellular gps tracker

Price: $129

Invoxia has built a reputation for being the first biometric health collar for dogs. But it can be used for tracking your vehicles and other valuable belongings from theft. If car theft occurs too often in your area, you could consider getting this GPS tracker. It helps you to keep your peace of mind, knowing that your child is coming straight home. Many users are happy to think of the product as a single GPS tracker with multiple uses. The battery lasts up to four months.

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Features of Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

  • It is lightweight, compact, and discrete
  • Get notified in real-time in case of suspicious activities
  • There’s a companion app that makes with work even more precisely

What you may not like

  • The $20 monthly subscription

4. 2022 PrimeTracking GPS Tracker

2022 primetracking gps tracker for vehicles

Price: $19.98

This GPS tracker is excellent for tracking vehicles, pets, and kids. There’s a complete service requiring a monthly subscription. But you can cancel at any time you deem fit. It’s that easy because you’re not locked into any contract. It looks like a tiny smartphone, so many people may be fooled and not know it for what it is. At just three inches long, less than one inch wide, it is easy to keep away from sight. Just attach it to a child’s belt or a dog’s belt, and that’s it. The 4G LTE tracker is able to send accurate location information to your smartphone or computer, with the information updating every 10 seconds.

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Features that we like 2022 PrimeTracking GPS Tracker

  • The battery can last up to two weeks, so there’s no need to charge it always
  • It charges from 0 percent to 100% in just about three hours
  • It offers data regarding track speed and travel time
  • The geofencing feature allows you to know when your kid or a dog has stepped out of the area you’re comfortable with
  • Your kid can also press the SOS button to alert you whenever they are in danger

What you may not like

  • Not bad for everyone, though, but a lot of users will be happy without the monthly subscription

3. Alphahom Personal Safety Alarm

alphahom personal safety alarm

Price: $33.98

This comes with too many alerts. The user could just push basic cautions through the advanced cells to boundless contacts in iOS devices. It is possible for a noisy alarm to sound, not minding if the device is in vibration or silence mode. It makes use of the Care Go app, which alerts you when the person or animal or even car being tracked gets outside the radar or perimeter where they ought to be. The GPS tracker gives precise and quick caution to the user very fast. It is also able to work as a Bluetooth tracker.

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Good Features of Alphahom Personal Safety Alarm GPS Tracker

  • The alert system is reliable
  • Track your kids with their own Care Go app
  • The battery power can last up to a year with a single full charge

What you may not like

  • It is compatible with iOS devices only
  • It is too small, so it could get lost easily

2. Samsung SmartThings Tracker, Live GPS Tracking

samsung smartthings tracker, live gps tracking

Price: $120

It works perfectly to continuously track and rapidly find your loved ones and family members precisely. See the areas in real-time on your smartphone through the SmartThings app. Since the connection is 4G, you have a much better opportunity to see things in real-time, with utmost accuracy. It works excellently whether your kid is indoors or outdoors. It is easy to use: just connect it with your kid’s knapsack, key chains, wallets, and other things like a belt as well. Teach the kid how to press the force button twice to send you the area where they are. If they find themselves in a difficult situation, they can send an SOS.

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Good features of Samsung SmartThings Tracker, Live GPS Tracking

  • Track your kid and see him live to know where they are going
  • It gives very reliable location data that is real-time due to the LTE network
  • The battery lasts for about a week
  • It is water-resistant

What you may not like

  • It is expensive
  • Compared to others, the battery life is short

1. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker

cube key finder smart tracker bluetooth tracker

Price: $24.95

This GPS tracker is good for tracking animals, humans, and other items. So, if you have a phone and are constantly afraid that you may lose it, this is the device for you. It has an app that can help you find anything and find them fast. It has the ability to ring, vibrate, or flash, whether the application is working or not. The battery can be replaced once a year, so that guarantees you can have this tracker work for you for several years. The Bluetooth inside is able to inform you whether you’re going too far or whether you’re still inside the normal area.

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Good features of Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

  • You can disguise it as a keychain
  • Use it to track your phone, laptop, kid, pet, etc
  • The Bluetooth connection will let you know when you get close to the object you’re looking for
  • It is a water-resistant device.
  • If it can’t connect to your device, you will be notified

What you may not like

  • Everything seems fine, except the low-profile design

Other Smart GPS Trackers

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Take note that two of the GPS trackers mentioned here are expensive. It is far better to look for desired features and buy something cheaper if you don’t have much to shell out on the tracker. For optimal uses and more features, go for those that sell above a hundred dollars.