Best Instagram filters to use for photos and stories

With Instagram filters, you can create effective and original stories, record videos, and even play with images and with our selfies so as to obtain appreciation from other users of Instagram and thus increase the number of likes and the number of users that follow our profile.

Since there are hundreds of Instagram filters in the guide that follows, we will show you which are the best Instagram filters to use for photos and stories, so you can take very beautiful photos, funny photos, and spectacular selfies to share.

What are the most used filters on Instagram?

Below, we have collected the best filters that you can use on Instagram directly from the built-in camera within the app. Filters are available by pressing directly on the effect page from any mobile web browser, and if you like the effect, you can add it to Instagram without any problems.

  1. Dragon Ball: With this effect, you can look at the camera frame as if using special Dragonball glasses that show the opponent’s strength.
  2. The Joker: to transform into the Joker in a selfie.
  3. Penguin: this filter allows you to see penguins on the floor framed with the camera. see yourself with fairy wings.
  4. Wings AR: to make wonderful colorful fairy wings appear on your back.
  5. Batman: to add the Batman mask on your face.
  6. Delorean: to see a Delorean car (the one from Back to the Future) parked on the street framed by the camera.
  7. Salt Bae: to put your face in place of that of the famous Chef Salt Bae while pulling the salt with his elbow.
  8. Pinocchio: to see your nose as long as Pinocchio’s.
  9. Polaroid: to take a photo inside a virtual print of the Polaroid.
  10. Tatoos Face: to fill your face with tattoos and take a nice photo to send in the stories.
  11. CyberPunk: to apply a very nice futuristic effect to the face photo.
  12. BubbleUp: to see your head inside a soap bubble.
  13. Flower Girl: Adds a stylish flower mask on her face to cover her mouth and nose.
  14. Fruit Frenzy: this is a game where you have to collect the fruit that falls from above.
  15. The Mask: to disguise as in The Mask.
  16. Demon Light: To become a light demon (very effective).
  17. Flappy Bord: a game where you make a bird fly by moving your head.
  18. Wow Doll: to change eye color in a super realistic way.
  19. Cry Baby: to add colorful, very feminine tears to the face.
  20. Freckles of diamonds: very trendy for girls.
  21. Beauty 3000: filter designed to add a beauty mask to the face.
  22. Fakeup: filter designed to add makeup to the face virtually.
  23. Kaleidoscope: filter to create a kaleidoscopic effect with our face.
  24. VCR: filter designed to reproduce old footage with tape cameras from the 90s.
  25. Leaving Planet A: filter designed to place our face on an astronaut in open space.
  26. Mona Lisa: fun filter to become the face of the Mona Lisa.
  27. Typography: filter designed to reconstruct our face with writings and words on a black background.
  28. I-Moji: spectacular filter to add a three-dimensional emoji that will imitate our moods on the face.
  29. Face Hologram Box: filter designed to add our face to a three-dimensional holographic box.
  30. Space Warp: filter designed to add our face to an astronaut launched at the speed of light.

You can choose the effect you like best and start using it for your posts and stories.


With all these Instagram effects, you will succeed with stories and posts shared on social media, thus increasing the chances of getting likes or followers. If possible, you can use all the filters at different times of the day and, very importantly, always have fun when you make a post or a video with the desired effect: the more spontaneous you are, the more likes you will get.

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