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Best Japanese anime games for Android and iPhone

Best games for Android and iPhone inspired by famous Japanese anime: Dragonball, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece and more

Anime are Japanese cartoons that are very popular, with many of them having marked more than one generation of fans. Compared to manga, anime are more accessible because they see themselves as any other cartoon, making it unnecessary to read the corresponding manga in many cases (even if true fans read manga and also see anime).

If you oved one of the many Japanese anime and want to play with your favorite characters on your phone or tablet in the guide that follows we will show you the best popular anime-based games available for android and for iPhone so you can play your favorite Japanese anime for free.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

The first anime-based game that we can play on mobile is ONE PIECE Bounty Rush available for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush

With ONE PIECE Bounty Rush we can play in the famous One Piece universe by looting treasures far and wide, increasing our reputation as pirates of the seas and facing other pirates managed online by other players in very fun battles.

The game is very reminiscent of the “steal flag” mechanism present in other action games, but the One Piece setting and the presence of the iconic characters of the anime will make the battles very nice to follow, especially in the 4 vs 4 modes.


One of the most famous anime in recent years is Dragon Ball and one of the funniest games we can try is DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLEdownloadable from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store.

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

In this game, we will find as protagonists all the characters of Dragon Ball (from Z to Super) in a fun puzzle game to be played in adventure mode or battle mode. The object of the game is to associate the Ki spheres and, once the bar has been accumulated, launch the special attacks before the opponent, so as to be able to win the battle.

The graphics of the game are very similar to the anime, the interactions and dialogues are faithful and well made, the number of characters to choose from is really high and the numerous game modes guarantee hours and hours of fun.


Another very famous and appreciated anime is NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGEwhich we can download for free for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage
Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

In this strategic action game, we will have to manage and create a ninja clan, managing both the fights against other clans and managing a ninja fortress. In the game, we will also have to earn the resources necessary to keep the ninja fortress intact (by increasing the defenses and ninja traps) and also necessary to accept the other villages and fortresses.

The game, therefore, presents itself as a good mix between the Clash of Clans mobile game, the Naruto anime, and the Boruto anime, managing to please both casual players and players who are passionate about strategic games.

Pokémon UNITE

In the collection of games based on Japanese anime, we could not forget Pokémon UNITEavailable on Google Play Store and on Apple App Store.

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Pokémon Unite
Pokémon Unite

This Pokémon game is quite different from Pokémon GO, as in this game the coaches compete in teams of five, and to win, you need to score more points within the time limit. Cooperation between team members will allow you to defeat the most powerful wild Pokémon, level up your favorite Pokémon, and make it evolve, so as to prevent the opposing team from scoring points.

An immediate and simple game to understand but that will keep you glued to the screen for a long time since the game mechanics are very reminiscent of those of the first Pokémon on the Game Boy but in a modern sauce, with team fights and skill points to be unlocked by making a great number of fights.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Another beautiful Japanese anime based on a famous card game is Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links which we can free download for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links
Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

Just like in the card game and in the anime we will have to create the most powerful deck of cards to defeat all kinds of online opponents. There are numerous game modes that we can choose: we can start classified duels (which will allow you to climb the world classics), casual encounters, PvP duels, and friendly duels.

The game system is based on a card game and the game modes make it a lot of fun for all fans of the genre or for those who loved to see the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime as a child.

Saint Seiya Awakening

One of the most beautiful Japanese anime is the basis of the game Saint Seiya Awakening known with the name of Knights of the Zodiac. This game is available for free only for Android.

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Saint Seiya Awakening
Saint Seiya Awakening

In this game we will be able to play with all the characters of the series, using them together to combine new attack strategies. In Saint Seiya Awakening even those who choose first-level knights can excel with the right attack strategy, making every battle a lot of fun.

The high number of characters combined with the atmosphere of the Knights of the Zodiac and the numerous online game modes make it one of the best videogame transpositions based on an anime from a few years ago, which in fact “resurrects” thanks to this type of games.


Anime has accompanied generations of boys and girls with thrilling stories, fighting to the death, and lots of action. With mobile games inspired by Japanese anime, we will be able to relive the battles watched on TV or streamed over the Internet with modern game modes, which will please both novice gamers as well as strategic and action game savvy players.

Still, on the theme of Japanese games, we can try the gacha games, in which the random component is much higher and it is necessary to spend a lot of money in order to get upgrades, objects, and weapons; some of the best games in the genre can be seen in the AI ​​guide best Gacha games and manga graphics for android and for iphone.