10 Best Magisk Alternatives in 2022 For Android

Magisk is one of the most popular apps that you can use to root your Android phone. For those who don’t know much about rooting, rooting is the ability to unlock and have full access and control over your smartphone. It removes any restriction that was put by your device manufacturer and then gives you full access to what you want and needs on your phone.

Many people root their phone so that can tweak their IMEI numbers while others do that so they can customize their phone the way they want. Rooting also allows you to unlock some games features and enjoy them without any in-app purchases. There are so many reasons why people want to root their smartphones.

Surprisingly, the Magisk app is one of the great tools that you can use to root your phone. So if you are trying to open any app and its demands that your device must be rooted before you can use the app, then you need something like the Magisk app.

Magisk Features & Installation

Magisk comes with tons of features that made many people love and trust the app. For example, it allows you to pass Google’s safety tests, giving you the option to modify files without any problem. Before installing Magisk, you need to learn basic commands of ADB and fast boot and also make sure you have your device bootloader unlock. There are other things you need to do before you can successfully use the Magisk app to root your phone.

Sadly some of these are somehow difficult for many and that is why they are looking for an alternative that will be less difficult to use. If you are one of those folks that want to use Magisk alternative, then below are the best alternative to use.

Best Magisk Alternative in 2021

1. King-Root App

king root app

I have personally used this app in rooting one of my Android devices, and it’s effortless and straightforward to use. The King-Root app is one of the best alternatives to use over Magisk. The app comes with simple one-click root procedures. It also helps you to remove bloatware on your device, just that to do that you will need to upgrade to the premium version. Apart from that, it has a PC version as well, that is for those that want to use a PC to root their smartphone.

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2. Kingo Root App

kingo root app

Kingo Root App is another top alternative to Magisk. The app is well known and popular as well which is all thanks to its features that are very simple to use. Just like the King-Root app, it has one-click root procedures and also installs the SuperUser app that gives you root access and allows you to enjoy the advance rooting features on your phone. One good thing about this app is that it has well-written tutorials on its official website that will help you to root your phone without any issues.

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3. SRSRoot


SRSRoot is an older app just like Magisk and the good news is that the app is from XDA Developers bringing in a single-click root access for Android phones. Just as the name suggests, it’s powered by the SRSServer which shows that it’s safe to use. The Pro version is bringing in a Smart Root Feature which helps you know the best method to root your phone without any issues.

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4. OneClick Root App

oneclick root app

Upon installing this app on your supported device, all you need is to just click on a button and leave the rest. OneClick app utilizes Technicians in rooting your phone. So all you need is to just install the app and allow the technician to do the rest. Well, this service is not free, it cost $39 for a single device and this package allows you to check their database to know if your phone can be rooted or not.

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5. CF Auto Root

cf auto root

CF Auto Root is an app developed by the owner of the SuperSU root management app called ChainFire. This app is mostly for Samsung phones but now you can use it on other devices like Nokia, Xiaomi, and many more. It has over 20500 rooted firmware and has the latest update with stock ROMs available for Android phones running on Android 11. As you can see, this is a good alternative to Magisk.

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6. BusyBox Pro

busybox pro

BusyBox Pro does not only give you root access, but just like the Magisk app, it offers you different customizations options and in-depth management resources. You can also use the app to get rid of some annoying pre-installed apps on your phone and some other services you don’t want. You can download the app from the PlayStore app.

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7. iRoot


I don’t know much about this app, but based on the reviews I read online, the iRoot app does similar things that the Magisk app does. So you can use the app to root your Android phone. It also has a PC version, just that some users are saying the app is somehow difficult to use.

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8. SuperSU


SuperSU is another app developed by ChainFire and the app has been around for a very long time. I have used it before and trust me, it’s very easy and simple to use. Yes, you don’t have to be a tech geek before you can use the SuperSU to root your phone. Install the app on your device, follow the onscreen instruction and you are good to go.

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9. Root Booster

root booster

Root Booster is not a rooting application, what it does is to make sure that your apps on your phone are running smoothly without any problem. What’s more, the app also improves your battery life. It has advanced settings that you can use to boost your device speed, battery, and applications. It also has a hibernation function which can stop an application from using battery and computing power. What it does is to find those applications and hibernates them, which will improve both your device performance and battery.

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10. King Go Root Checker

king go root checker

Some of us may buy a second-hand use smartphone from friends or even online via eBay and still confuse if the phone has been rooted or not. Well, with this app, you can easily check if your device has been rooted before or not. The app allows users to perform a root check and it also helps you to configure proper root access on your phone. It gives you a status of root access on your phone and also displays your device model and version.

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Wrapping Up:

If you are among those that are still struggling to root their device using the Magisk app, here you can easily use these alternatives apps. The King-Root app is one the best and simple app you can use to root your phone. The SuperSU is another great app that gives you complete root access on your phone. So over to you now, which of these apps would you recommend for someone?