Best Music Streaming Apps For Android in 2022

Playing music is one of the best things that ever happens to a modern smartphone. All over the world, millions of people use their mobile devices to listen to music almost every day. Just like iPhone users, there are also many apps available that Android users can use to stream music on their devices. In this post, we will be listing the best apps that offer streaming music for Android phones.

musics streaming apps

1. LiveXLive


LiveXLive is an Android application that you can use to stream music. The app has been around for a long and it’s one of the best apps that many use to stream music. It offers different curated channels, smart DJ hosts, and also easy to navigate.

2. SiriusXM Internet Radio


SiriusXM Internet Radio is another great app that you can use to enjoy cool music at your convenient time. Although the app does not offer great audio output, however, it has tons of catalog of tunes. It’s one of the top-rated satellite radio services and it’s also loaded with comedy, sports, and the latest trends.

3. Spotify


Spotify is another popular music streaming apps available for Android users. The app is in the top competition with iTunes. It comes with a subscription-based that gives you access to many kinds of music including the latest track and album. Spotify has unique features which made it stand out among others. The interesting part is that the maker collaborates with exclusive podcasts.

3. Deezer

deezer premium

Deezer is another great music app that offers free access to many kinds of music and tracks. The free version allows you to discover new artists and you can listen to them as well. It also features lyric fetching, unlimited playlist creation, and mixes. The premium version on the other hand gives you more features such as quality audio, offline listening, and Android Auto support as well.

4. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is another popular music streaming app out there. It’s a radio app that gives you a variety of stations based on your likes and it also has seasonal radio stations such as podcasts, talk radio, and comedy shows. It features both AM and FM with data streaming support and you can also listen to support news.

5. Jango Radio

jango radio

Jango Radio is a completely free music app that comes with a variety of music from both big names and other artists. It also allows an independent artist to pay to play. This means you can also enjoy music that an artist pay to be play. The most interesting part is that there are no ads on the app despite being a free application.

6. Pandora Music

pandora music

Pandora Music is a simple free music streaming app that gives you access to many kinds of music for free. You can easily jump to any kind of music you like on the platform. Its library is full of good music and it also supports an on-demand streaming service providing users with a similar Spotify experience.

7. SoundCloud

soundcloud4 scaled

SoundCloud is a unique application where an artist can upload their song and then be played by anyone. The apps have more than 125 million tracks with a variety of shows, podcasts, and other content. The free version of SoundCloud is mostly for independent artists while the paid version gives you access to music by bigger artists.

8. TuneIn


TuneIn is popularly known for radio talks, podcasts, and comedy radio. However, they also offer music streaming services with over 100,000 stations in total and also include AM and FM radio stations. You can stream the FM station using your data. The free version is good but the paid version offers audiobooks, live sports broadcasting, and many more.

9. YouTube and YouTube Music

youtube copyright free music

Youtube is one of the most music streaming app around the world. You can find virtually any kind of music on YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that you can also watch official music videos, live shows, and even local bands. You can make your playlist and then get recommendations. Many people use YouTube to upload their music, so you will get to enjoy quality music on the free version while the paid version gives you access to premium content.