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The best photo apps to enhance photos with filters and effects, alternatives to Instagram, for Android, iPhone, and iPad

To take more beautiful photos with the phone camera we can try to use one of the many filter apps available for modern phones. These apps are able to apply light filters, color filters, and much more simply by uploading the photo within the app or using the camera section included within the app itself so that you can admire the application of the filter even more. before taking the picture. In the guide below it is possible to find the best apps to beautify or make photos special taken with the built-in camera on iPhone and Android phones, giving new light to your shots and obtaining images so beautiful that you will want to publish them immediately on social networks.

1) Retrica

The queen of apps for applying photo filters is without a doubt Retricaavailable for free download for Android and for iPhone.

By opening this app we will be able to upload the photos we have just taken and apply countless photographic filters to them capable of giving an artistic touch to each shot. Many filters are paid and unlockable only after paying the subscription: we can still try them for free to see if they are right for us and if it is convenient to pay the subscription to unlock them.

Those who don’t want to spend anything can simply apply the free filters offered within the app: these filters are very simple but will make any photo more beautiful to see and share on social networks.

2) Noah Camera

The free alternative to Retrica definitely is Noah Cameraavailable as a free app from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store.

With Noah Camera we can take photos directly inside the app and apply over 100 different photo filters, obtaining much more beautiful and artistic photos. In addition to taking photos, we can also load those already in the phone’s memory and apply the filters proposed within the app.

Among the most interesting features of the app, we find is the silent camera (which does not produce shutter sound), the quick sharing function of retouched photos, and the ability to customize the shutter button by choosing from over 35 different shapes and colors.

3) Instagram

For many users, Instagram has become the go-to app for applying photo filters and sharing them on the fly, without having to use other apps. The Instagram app is available for free for Android and for iPhone.

With the Instagram app, we can use the photographic section to apply the filter in real-time, choosing from a catalog of infinite filters (present at the bottom of the integrated camera). After applying the filter to the photo we can save it in the phone memory or share it immediately on the most used photographic social network in the world.

The app also allows you to edit the photos already taken and store them in the phone memory, we can edit the photos before inserting them as Stories and copy the filters used by VIPs or other users by accessing the personal page and copying the filters on the page Styles.

To learn how to use this app we can also read our guide on how to use Instagram, upload photos, and create stories.


Another very good app for editing photos and applying advanced photo filters is VSCOavailable as a free app from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store. Within the VSCO app, we will find a wide range of color or black and white filters organized in separate collections. After applying a filter, VSCO offers a bar to adjust the intensity of the effects, so you can choose the intensity of the filter each time.

Also from the app, we can make additional adjustments such as setting the color, exposure, sharpness, skin tone, film grain, vignetting, and much more. Although little known it is in effect one of the best photo filter apps to use on modern phones.

5) Polarr

If we are looking for an app full of free effects other than Instagram we can try the app Polarravailable free for Android and for iPhone.

The Polarr app offers one of the best selections of free filters and it is possible to create new filters from scratch, which we can also share with other users; thanks to this social model based only on filters we can also use filters created by other users, so as to have new ones every day.

Another advantage of the application is the ability to add atmospheric effects to the shots: we can then add a subtle glow of light, snow, and clouds with the touch of a button, and create stunning sunsets or raindrops with a simple touch, thus giving a truly realistic atmosphere with every photo taken.

6) PicsArt

PicsArt for Android and for iPhone is a free Android and iPhone app that offers more advanced editing options than Instagram and most mobile photo apps. With PicsArt, users can edit images taken and saved in Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, or Dropbox, with clippings, captions, stickers, digital clipart, filters, corrections, frames, and borders.

7) Candy Camera

Candy Camera for Android and for iPhone allows you to take photos directly with effects, turning your phone into a phenomenal camera, packed with features. Inside Candy Camera, we find over 300 effects, filters, and editing tools and each photo can be immediately shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Flickr. Sharing of each photo can also be automatic, without the need for manual intervention.

In addition to applying filters to photos, it also allows you to do photo retouching on body parts, so as to appear slimmer or taller with a few taps on the screen, without having to use complex programs such as Photoshop.

8) Snapseed

Snapseed for Android and iPhone is a great application that I have already talked about, which allows you to edit photos with very nice effect filters. Snapseed makes it really easy to edit photos, to the point where it makes the images look like you are holding them and you paint filters with your fingertips.

Due to a large number of editing tools and filters that it provides completely free of charge, it is probably the most powerful of all, also thanks to the good integration with social networks.

9) Fabby

Fabby for Android and for iPhone is a nice application to add filters to photos. With this app, we can color hair, apply makeup on the face, embellish faces and then also change the background to photos with nice images, add writing, and much more.

10) Pxlr-o-matic

Pxlr-o-Matic available for Android And iPhone allows you to add filters, borders, color overlays, and sepia tones to make your photos look like 60s snapshots or polaroids. Pixlr-O-Matic is perhaps the best app when it comes to the wealth of filters and edits that can be automatically applied to photos, not forgetting that it offers a great tool for creating an old film or sepia-style photo collages.

Images edited with this powerful app can be shared on Facebook, DropBox, iTunes, Flickr, or sent by email.

11) Prisma Photo Editor

Another spectacular app that we can use to apply photo filters to our shots is Prisma Photo Editoravailable free for Android And iPhone.
Prism is the app to transform photos into works of art thanks to special and unique photo filters in the panorama.

In addition to the preset filters, it also offers excellent tools to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast, and much more, so that you can always correct your photos and make them truly unique. Excellent ability to quickly share photos on social networks or messaging apps such as WhatsApp.


Taking beautiful photos is never easy, as a certain type of touch is still required when we take pictures, even when we use the smartphone camera. Fortunately, there are excellent apps to apply excellent photo filters for Android and iPhone: using these apps we can take and share very beautiful and suggestive photos on social media, which will undoubtedly collect a large number of Likes and shares.

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