Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Free Movies Online

Are you looking for Best Putlocker Alternatives? Are you bored watching movies on Putlocker? We easily get bored of things we see or use very often in our day-to-day lives. And we also start giving less value than words deserve. This applies to all things including online movie streaming sites (Putlocker too). If this is the case, you might like to know the best Putlocker Alternatives, giving you the exact joy you get on the Putlocker and different designs and feel while watching movies. This article will show some top sites like Putlocker that provide almost the same type of free content. So, let’s start this article and let first explain Putlocker.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the most popular movie streaming sites and one of the oldest sites known for its service to provide all Hollywood movies. Putlocker is so popular because it provides every movie in HD quality dubbed in the English language. Also, people love its nature of giving new movies first. Whenever any new popular movie is released, traffic on Putlocker usually reaches the sky, and due to that, you will find most of the servers busy. Recently, when I was dying to watch the Avengers- Endgame, somehow I got dropped on Putlocker and found all the servers busy.

Moreover, on Putlocker, you will find everything customized in a user-friendly way like categories, movie descriptions, movie dates, etc. You can quickly know the story in short of any movie if it’s available on Putlocker. Overall, Putlocker is an excellent source for watching the latest movies in High-quality for free.

Now, let’s come to the best part of this post. Let me show you the best Putlocker alternatives so you can continue enjoying movies even when all the Putlocker servers are down.

Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies in HD Quality for Free

Here are the sites like Putlocker:

1. FMovies

best putlocker alternatives

FMovies is an excellent alternative to the Putlocker site because it has similar features like server-based streaming, a considerable number of Hollywood movies on the homepage, a Search engine optimized search bar, and well-categorized movies, and more.

The looks and design of FMovies also match that of the Putlocker site, and both the sites have a green color set as the primary template color. But FMovies has a standout feature; it has made a country-wise movies page so the user can visit their country page and look for new to old movies. You will find countries page such as United States, UK, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. That’s actually great! If you are looking for a great alternative to Putlocker, then I definitely suggest FMovies.

Visit FMovies

2. Solar Movi

Another Alternative to Putlocker site is Solar Movi for streaming the latest Hollywood movies in high quality for free. Solar Movie guys have just started posting more movies on their site, and due to more content available on the site, the traffic on the website has just got skyrocketed in the previous month. Once you visit the site, you will have a suggested movie section containing all the famous and newly released movies. You also can see the IMDB rating, which will help you understand the movie quality and story before actually playing it. So, give it a try, and hopefully, you will find Solar Movie a good alternative to Putlocker.

Visit Solar Movie

3. 123Movies

best putlocker alternatives

123Movies is a quick destiny for movie avid to watch videos in HD quality for free. This site is fully responsive and supports almost all devices including modern phones, computers/laptops, etc. Also, at 123Movies, you don’t have to wait for a long to watch the movie. It gets started in seconds of a tap. And it barely buffers once the movie gets started. If you have a fast internet connection, then you can also stream movies on 123movies in 1080p. Not only movies, but it also has a massive playlist of popular TV series. So, if you also watch TV series, then 123Movies might impress you with its quality streaming.

Visit 123Movies

4. Megashare

best putlocker alternatives

Megashare is s simple and fast-loading movie streaming website that stays updated with the latest movies and TV series. It uses Cloudflare services to accelerate the video load and other content on the site. After stumbling upon it for a while, I am glad that everything on the works perfectly and there is no issue with streaming movies on the site. And you will be pleased with the site because it has all the content available for almost all the countries. Also, on the site, you will find the IMDB category to explore all the favorite movies of Hollywood and TV Seasons.

Visit Megashare 


moviestars to

Moviewatcher, now Moviestars is not only meant to stream movies, but you can also download movies in high quality. And there is no need to pay for that. It’s all free. To enjoy all its content in High-quality, you have to make a free account on, and that’s it. You can log in and download unlimited movies including the latest movies, favorite movies, Top IMDB movies, Old movies, etc. It streams all the movies on a single server which sometimes gets too busy, especially when new crispy movie launches. Fortunately, it provides an alternative link to watch and download which is not reliable and stable, but you can use that to download movies easily. Overall, it is another Putlocker alternative, and I must say that you should try it.


6. Popcorn Flix

best putlocker alternatives

A high-quality movie streaming website with simplicity in design. Get confused whenever you visit a complicated site to stream movies? Popcorn Flix might fit you well because of the basic design quick response from the server when you play a movie. At the macro, Popcorn Flix provides free content that includes Hollywood movies, TV Seasons, TV series, etc. They also offer premium content with the Tag Popcornflix Original. You will definitely be going to love it because of its quality streaming.

There is nothing extra element placed on the site. Just hit the play button and enjoy your movie with popcorns. One more thing, if you want to watch a movie that isn’t for your country, then you will not be able to play it. In case, you can use a VPN extension to watch it.

Visit Popcornflix

7. GoMovies

best putlocker alternatives

Visit the site, search your movie, hit the play, and enjoy. That’s all you need to watch your desired movie with GoMovies. It’s the best premium movie streaming site that provides content for free without making users create an account.


You can visit and instantly start watching your movies in HD. Also, it’s not like other sites that copy content and then re-upload. You will find original content with no watermark anywhere in the movie. Also, they have provided a good fix for the buffering problem. With a single tap, you can use Cloudflare DNS to solve the buffering problem for you instantly. I highly recommend this site if you are looking for the best Putlocker alternative.

Visit GoMovies


All the above sites that we have recommended to you with the tag best Putlocker alternatives may not work for some people because some countries have entirely banned these websites as most of them serve copyrighted or infringement materials, and it’s totally illegal to watch, which I already have stated. But if you want to unlock these sites for educational purposes, you can use VPN services. While writing this article, we have found that half of them need VPN support to open the website.

A VPN is basically a software or extension that allow connecting with different countries’ network, or you can say masking other countries’ IP address. If you are a newbie and heart about VPN first time, I recommend using a simple Google Chrome Extension called Ulytrasurf or iNinja Proxy VPN. It will instantly allow you to mask other country’s IP addresses and then you will be able to open any of the above sites. Also, it’s very convenient to use.


Putlocker has been down due to serving copyrighted materials. Its original version has been completely removed from the Google Search Engine because of the DMCA complaints. Fortunately, some alternative sites are available which is very similar to Putlocker movie stream site. I have recommended a few of them in this article which is working. And you can use any of the places to stream the latest to old Movies and TV Shows in High-quality. Before you use any of the sites, please note that it will be your responsibility if you get any damage from the above website.

Hopefully, you liked the best Putlocker alternatives sites or sites like Putlocker? If so, let us reach more people by sharing them over social media. If you have any suggestions, please drop them down below in the comment section. I will love to hear your thoughts too!