10 Best Sites to download Bollywood Movies in HD (2024)

Many people are often looking for websites where they can download Bollywood movies these days. If you are looking for ways to download movies or TV shows in HD quality onto your device so that you can enjoy them at your leisure, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find the 12 best websites that can help you to do just that. Take note, in this article, we will only concentrate on Bollywood movies download in HD.

1. YesMovies


This is a favorite for thousands of users, but it is a site that may need to move often because of copyright issues. However, for a few reasons, people are looking to download Bollywood movies on this platform. You can find and download several action movies, TV shows, including drama, animation, action, comedy, thriller, and others.

Why YesMovies?

  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Download and stream movies free
  • Subtitle available

Watch out for

  • Copyright issues
  • Use VPN in some countries

2.  FMovies


This site offers free streaming for movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world in HD quality. It also provides subtitle support. It offers a number of Bollywood movies, although you may find that some titles are missing. Here on the site, you can see a list of countries, genres, popularity, and other things you will need to consider to make your streaming and download options.

Why FMovies?

  • New movies added regularly
  • You don’t and a subscription required
  • HD and subtitle support

Watch out for

  • You need a VPN generally
  • The site could be blocked

3.  Voot


This platform serves only India, so if you’re from outside, you need a VPN. But that is not deterring people from making use of it. It serves over 50 million monthly. The good thing is that it also has an app for Android, iOS, and Fire TV. You will get content from Nick India, Cineplex, TV Channels, as well as others. You can get enough Indian, Bollywood, and Tollywood films for streaming and download. You can also get Voot originals, and they can be downloaded for free.

Why Voot?

  • Easy to use and free
  • Bouquet of TV shows and Originals

Watch out for

  • Auto-quality of video
  • Have in mind to use VPN

4.  Zee5


This one is operating through Zee Entertainment as the popular Indian Video-On-Demand service. You can download or stream programming from Zee Group and Movie Rights to Indian & Hollywood movies on this platform. You can have access to any movie under Zee Productions’ auspices and stream or download it for free.

Why Zee5?

  • A huge number of Indian movies TV shows are for free
  • You don’t need an account to use
  • Simple navigation

Watch out for

  • Request to pay before you stream new movies
  • Frustrating video ads interference
  • Get your VPN ready, especially if you’re out of India

5.  Hotstar


People who love Indian content know the value of Hotstar. Presented by 21st Century Fox, it is seen as the best choice by many movie mongers. It has many Hollywood movies, though, but if you live in India, you must use this service. It is free yet offers free content, although you can step up to premium content by paying money. Ads can also interfere sometimes, but some people are able to wave that aside to enjoy streaming or downloading movies. For huge Indian content, click on the name in bold above because the company also has an American version.

Why Hotstar?

  • A huge number of Indian Regional Movies
  • Soaps and dramas
  • You can set video quality and subtitle

Watch out for

  • Combined free to a paid model
  • No registration



This is a country-specific content delivery platform. It offers many TV shows with Hindi dub audio, and there are many regional movies from around India, all of them HD movies coupled with other updated TV programs. Anyway, users will face up with some advertising as they make use of the platform.

Why SonyLiv

  • Sony movies curated just for India
  • It runs on the low internet network
  • Easy site navigation

Watch out for

  • Need to use VPN, especially for free content outside India
  • You can’t adjust movie quality

7.  JioCinema


This is one of the best entertainment sites to watch Bollywood movies. There are other programs to watch, but Bollywood movies dominate others. On this platform, you will find up to 10 genres and 15 Indian languages. JioCinema also offers a huge collection of comedies and animation movies, coupled with Hollywood movies. It is often updated with more Indian content. The service is only available in India, and you need an account to use it.

Why JioCinema?

  • No ads to interrupt
  • A huge number of Indian TV shows and free movies
  • Quality streams and downloads are available

Watch out for

  • Quality of downloads not assured
  • You need an account to use it
  • Exclusivity to India

8.  YouTube


This is the most popular video streaming in the world, and ah yes, it offers a huge library of Indian movies, Bollywood movies. There are so many independent movies to watch and download here. YouTube offers you the opportunity to download movies and play them from the platform without internet access. Better still, you could totally download the movies to your device.

Why YouTube?

  • It is the most popular streaming site worldwide
  • You can check suggestions and ratings
  • Video quality settings

Watch out for

  • Movies can be taken down anytime
  • Movies may not be uploaded by official channels
  • Some of the movies may not be in HD
  • Movies hosted primarily by the platform

9.  Dailymotion


This service resembles YouTube but pales in popularity. However, some Indian shows or movies that you can’t find on YouTube can be found here. You may use the platform with some ad interactions, but that isn’t too bad. You can stream or download movies and TV shows from around the world on this platform, so feel free to search for Bollywood movies because there is a huge library of these movies on the platform.

Why Dailymotion?

  • Clean interface
  • Independent movies

Watch out for

  • Ads you can’t avoid
  • Limited premium content

10.  Vimeo


Because Vimeo is placed on number 10 doesn’t mean it is the least place to find Bollywood movies to stream or download. Vimeo works pretty much like YouTube and Dailymotion. There are TV shows from Central Asia, South Asia, and other places hosted here. You will find a good number of Indian movies and shows to stream or download here.

Why Vimeo?

  • Download or stream movies in HD
  • It is totally free
  • No ads
  • Set the video quality yourself
  • Get Chromecast support

Watch out for

  • Old-fashioned player
  • You may not be able to find a huge number of Bollywood and other Indian movies for download


That’s it on the 12 best sites to download HD Bollywood movies in 2021. You don’t have to bother whether this list pays attention to the order of goodness or preference. You may explore each of these sites to know which one really serves your interest better.

Also, remember that the internet is a strange place sometimes, so a website that is up today may be gone tomorrow due to some crackdown by licensing officials. For now, enjoy your use of these 12 sites suggested for you here, and leave your comment regarding your experience while making use of them.

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