Best sites to download free music in 2023

Best sites to download free music
Best sites to download free music

How long have you not bought your favorite singer’s music CD? I bet for a long, long time! Yes, now the old and dear disks have been replaced by many online services and websites that allow not only to listen but also to download all the digital music you want, completely free and especially legal.

Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to imagine the evolution that digital music would have. Today tracks and passages are used in every area. There are those who listen to good music in the gym or in the company of their friends with the best Bluetooth headphones or the best Bluetooth speaker of the moment, and those who use music without copyright as background for their YouTube videos.

Music has reached levels that no one would have ever dreamed of. In fact, there are more and more websites that allow you to listen to songs by famous artists, and not, for free and without registering. Unfortunately, many of these are malicious platforms- with the promise of downloading free mp3 music, they infect your PC with viruses and malware.

Precisely for this reason, we have created the following ranking, in which you will find all the best sites to download free music. In case you were wondering, the services are navigable both from a computer and a smartphone, regardless of the operating system used, so even iOS and Android. But now no more talk, let’s start now!


Have you never heard of it? Bad, click this link now and add it to your favorites. Jamendo is a must-have among the sites to download free music. It is, in fact, a web platform, which collects thousands of songs made by emerging artists, who to make themselves known have decided to renounce copyright. All the music hosted on Jamendo has a Creative Commons license and can be listened to and downloaded for free and legally. What’s more, the site also has a special section on royalty-free tracks, perfect for any multimedia project, including YouTube videos.


If you are looking for musicians and DJs who could soon take the stages of prestigious stadiums and discos, you have found the right platform. This website includes an infinity of songs of all kinds- it ranges from alternative rock to house, from pop to reggae, from techno to trap, up to classical music. SoundCloud is perfect for those looking for new talent. In addition to having a special application for iPhone and Android smartphone allows you to save tracks, follow the artists and create custom playlists. All in a completely free way.

Amazon Music Unlimited

With over 50 million songs available, the streaming service made by the US giant is one of the most consolidated of the moment. It provides a free 30-day trial period and is available for all platforms. Not only on PC and Mac but also on iOS and Android devices, both tablets and smartphones. Just on these last Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to locally download tracks, albums, and playlists, so you can listen to them offline when you do not have an internet connection.


It is without a doubt the most used and loved by the users. Let’s face it, Spotify is the best site to listen to free music that can be found on the square. With its almost infinite catalog, composed of millions of songs produced by major record companies and independent labels, it allows you to listen and download music of all kinds. The free plan includes listening to the tracks interspersed with commercials, but by purchasing the Premium package you can listen to any album and playlist without any kind of interruption. Obviously, even Spotify allows you to download free music and then listen to it even in offline mode


Last, but not least, is the platform born in 2008 that, just like the solutions previously proposed, allows you to download free music quickly and easily. It is a website that hosts a great variety of beautiful songs shared by artists in search of visibility. To download good music, simply browse the catalog, select the desired track and enter your email address. NoiseTrade has a clean and simple graphical interface to navigate. Immediately in the foreground, we find the traces of the moment, the most recent ones and those most listened to by the users.


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