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10 Best Voice Chat Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in 2023

Voice chat apps for iOS is a most for people who use Apple products such as the iPhone or the iPad. Get one of the best of these apps, and you may have no need of worrying about keeping in touch with friends and relatives. It would have been more challenging for us to keep in touch with the ones we love but these voice chat apps make it a lot easier for us to keep in touch.

The voice chat apps we listed below have amazing features – they are not just about audio chats or video chats. They are able to do the following:

  • Users can play games with the apps
  • Users can share photos and videos

Let’s start examining the features of these voice chat apps below.

1. Wickr Me

Wickr Me
Wickr Me

This is a free encoded messaging app that lets the users send private messages that could disappear at any time. Users are able to do the following:

  • Send text
  • Send photos
  • Send videos
  • Send voice messages

These could be sent to their contacts on the platform.

You don’t have to worry much about user privacy when making use of this app because the team behind it takes that really seriously. The app has strong encryption, and it is able to remove metadata and geotags as often as possible. You as the user can configure how many minutes or house you want messages to stay on the app before it self-destructs. The process is so secure that once deleted, messages and attachments can’t be retrieved.

The company also created a bug reward for people who contact them to report a breach.

2. WeChat


WeChat has become very popular. From a humble beginning, it now has over a billion users worldwide. That means it is no longer a Chinese app. It successfully expand its demographics beyond China but that is where it is known as a top-rated chat app. Through this app, you can do the following:

  • Free mobile instant messaging
  • Video and voice calls
  • Group chat
  • Multimedia messaging

WeChat users can send:

  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Stickers

And other things to their contacts.

The app is known for its unique features such as “Friend Radar”, “People Near”, and “Shake”. With these, a user can get to chat with people who are close to him or her. The app also works on Android Wear and Apple Watch in case those who own such.

3. Signal Private Messenger


This is another excellent voice chat app from Open Whisper Systems. It is an excellent messaging solution for security-conscious mobile users. Since privacy issues are paramount these days for app users, this one offers rest of mind for anyone. For those who want to do unlimited calling and voicemail that involve military-grade encryption, this app is the best. Users are able to do the following:

  • Send text messages
  • Send voice messages or chats
  • Do group calling
  • Send multimedia messages
  • Send attachments

A major reason why people like to use Signal is that it is easy to use, and the encryption is robust although being open-source. Private advocates from around the world have endorsed this app.

4. GroupMe


This app is a special thing for online group things. That’s already seen in the name. if you do group chats often, this is a social media app you must have alongside others on your iPhone or iPad. To begin to use it, you need to create an account and after that create groups on it easily by adding some of your contacts. Start by searching them through their phone numbers or their email addresses. You can engage with those in your group in solo chats as well. It is easy to do both group and solo chats on this app.

Work with the following:

  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • GIFs
  • URL content views in chat windows

There is the inclusion of a gallery in the app to help you keep track of photos and videos shared in the groups you’ve created. There’s also support for group SMS chats for family members and other contacts that don’t have smartphones.

4. Telegram Messenger


This app is aimed solely at a person who cares about his or her security. It is a mobile messaging app that became popular right after the heydays of Snowden. If you’re security conscious, the number of chat apps that you can use drastically reduces. But this is one reliable app for most users. It is fast as you use it, and it has a good encryption option for standard conversations. Not everything is perfect about this app, but it transcends others in security issues. Be assured that only you and the person you share your message with will see it. With this app, you could set a time limit for the app to delete or destroy the messages you receive. Some of the cool features here include the following:

  • Share documents
  • Share videos
  • Participate in one-on-one and group chats with up to 200 users

5. Band – App for all groups


The band app is from Naver Corp. it has a good reputation for less formal and professional messaging. If you always collaborate or have group discussions, this app is for you. Use it with your friends in an informal setting such as group chats.

People basically use Band for the following:

  • Chatting and coordinating with friends
  • Keeping in touch with study groups
  • Maintaining contact with family members
  • Or coordinating a neighborhood sports team

Once you download it and open custom groups, you can invite friends, or put out general announcements through the community, while also carrying on private conversations. Group members can create photo albums, share files, participate in surveys, coordinate events, and do more on this app. Take note that daily group messaging and coordinating tasks are easily done on this chat app.

6. Slack for Desktop


Slack Technologies Inc. app is totally free to use but there’s a premium option. You really have no need to pay a dime before you use it, and there are no annoying ads that pop up as in the case of other apps although ads could be seen. Users excel at making use of this app for business collaborations, and also for individual uses. It is probably one of the most popular chat apps that business people use today.

The app is good for the following:

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Users can schedule messages and meetings
  • There are several management tools available to the user
  • App integration is also available

Slack is a good way to sync messages between devices and it also supports tools for file sharing, instant messaging, and group messaging. Users often use the chat channel system to set up subgroups for discussion-oriented topics or tasks that others can quickly get involved with.

With this app, the user can archive his communication, and go back to find the messages at a later time. If you’ve done app integration with other services, you could check and disconnect from those apps. Slack integrates with the following cloud services:

  • Zendesk
  • Asana
  • More platforms, especially after paying for premium services

The premium plans offer more features like extended file storage or better app integrations.

7. Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls


This app from Viber Media SARL is easy and simple to set up after download. Each new version brings new features that users love. The app uses your phone number as a connection, while it syncs with your phone to help find contacts using Viber. It has various uses, such as using it to send the following:

  • Transfer free text messages
  • Send stickers
  • Photos
  • Voice messages
  • videos

The app has Viber Out which allows the user to call non-Viber numbers and phones worldwide for a fee. Lately, the app has appeared with new features and interfaces that users love. The messaging speed is also faster now than it used to be. Now, the new group video calls can have up to 20 users at once. The app also has a self-destruct messaging system that is no longer only available in secret chats. It is now available in all one-on-one conversations carried out on the app.

8. Houseparty: Games & Voice Chat


Created by Bunch Live Inc., this app is specially designed for conversations on iPhone or iPad to be great. It is somewhat different by connecting an element of fun, such as games into it, as a means of not getting the users bored after doing just one thing for hours – chatting. What it does mainly is:

  • Offer audio and video chat
  • You can play interactive quizzes and other games
  • Do these above while enjoying face-to-face conversations with your friends

The app has a powerful pull among teenagers likely because of its orientation. Apart from that, it is a great tool for people of all ages to keep in touch, especially during dire moments. The good part is that you will be notified when your friends are on the app and ready to chat. It is easy to launch the games, or the chat sessions, everything on the interface is clear to a new user as well.

One of the downsides to using the app is that you can’t chat with more than eight people at once. Other chat apps allow much more. However, this app will definitely give you a sense of playing games at a house party when doing group video games. It offers unique entertainment to all who use it at any time. Yes, have a virtual party at any time convenient for you. Once you download the app, there’s no need to install any other thing.

9. WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp Inc. made this app totally free to use for now. Here’s an app that’s used by about two billion people on planet earth. The use of this app is common in 180 countries. It is a simple app that’s reliable, and good as not just a text messaging chat app, but audio and video chats. Today, the app is a primary tool for the corporate world to do business.

Features of WhatsApp

  • Private messaging worldwide
  • Simple and secure connections
  • High-quality voice and video calls
  • Group chats available
  • Share daily moments through status

Although this chat app also belongs to Meta, it seems to be actually bigger than Messenger. The functionalities can also resemble in some respects.

The app allows the following operations:

  • Send and receive text messages
  • Send and receive audio and video messages
  • Send and receive files like PDF, MSWord, JPG, PNG, and more
  • Send and receive pictures
  • There are now more icons and emojis to spice up the life of users for free

The group video chat functionality on this app only makes it possible for eight people to chat and no more. Meta claims that the number will soon increase to 50. Update the app often to get the best out of it all the time.

10. Messenger

Facebook Messenger Group Chat 1
Facebook Messenger Group Chat 1

Now on Meta Platforms Inc., this app used to be known as Facebook Messenger. It is perhaps one of the biggest apps on iOS in terms of usage. Meta continues to add functionality to this app so that users can get the best from its use all the time. The constant upgrade also lifts the reach and level of the parent company among the users. Lately, there’s been the Messenger Rooms, a video chat feature that will ultimately support up to 50 people.

To use this app, all you need to do is log on to Facebook on your iOS. It helps you to do the following:

  • Send and receive regular text messages
  • Users can also use it for voice and video calls
  • It also has GIF support, photo and location sharing possibilities

Messenger is a tiny app that does wonders on your iPhone or iPad. If you regularly make use of Facebook, ensure that this app is on your smartphone. It is also available on Android as some of the apps listed here are. The privacy settings on the app are not as strong as that of other apps. Your information could be shared with third parties, so beware.


You have seen the 10 best voice chat apps on iOS. They give users a splendid opportunity to have fun while using their mobile devices. For those who want more, they could simply go for the voice chat apps that combine with gaming so that everything can be spiced up at the same time. Both for work and private living, these apps are the best.

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