Best Ways To Fix Essential Phone (PH-1) Overheating

Essential PH1
Essential PH1

If you’ve ever experienced the Essential Phone (PH-1) Overheating and would like to get to the root of it then this guide is definitely for you. The Essential PH1 smartphone is a very nice device with some really great specs to compliment it.

Unfortunately, some users of this device have been complaining of the of the phone overheating. If you’ve noticed that your Essential PH1 smartphone is overheating then it can be because of a number of reasons. One of which being that you’ve been running so many apps simultaneously. If that is the case then you would simply just need to reduce the number of apps you have running in the background.

If you reduce or have reduced the number of apps running in the background and it is still overheating then an app you installed might be the culprit. You can follow the steps below to stop the overheating on your Essential PH1 Smartphone.

Best Way To Fix Essential Phone (PH-1) Overheating

Like I said earlier, a likely cause for the Essential PH1 Overheating issue is an app on the device. If you have too many apps Installed on the phone it might be difficult to locate the culprit. But just to be sure that it is an app causing the overheating, you will have to boot into safe mode. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your phone is Turned On, Now Press and Hold the Power Button.
  • Select the Reboot To Safe Mode Option from the Options provided and Tap on Restart.

Now that you are in the Safe Mode, you can go ahead and use your device for some time and see if it overheats. However, in this safe mode, you will be unable to make use of third-party Apps you have on your device. Just the stock apps. If your device does not overheat, then you would know that the culprit is indeed a third-party app you installed.

You will now have to start deleting the third-party apps one by one starting with the suspicious ones you think might be the cause of the overheating. Unfortunately, There is no other way to pinpoint the particular app responsible for this.

Still Overheating?

I know you are already thinking about factory resetting your device by now, but there is one more thing we can try before you factory reset your phone. Wiping the cache partition of your Device. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Turn Off your Essential PH1 Smartphone.
  • Now Press and Hold the Volume Up Button, Home Button, and Power Button all at the same time. Once you see the Essential Logo then let go of all the buttons. If done right, you should be in the Recovery Mode.

  • Using The Volume Up and Volume down buttons, Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and Select it using the Power Button.

  • Select Yes and after it is done, Reboot Your device.

  • If this doesn’t fix the overheating issues then there is no other choice but to factory reset your device and hope for the Best.


    Essential PH1 overheating is just a minor issue and I hope the steps above help you fix your device so you can go back to enjoying it. If it did, leave us a comment below telling us which step worked for you.

    If it didn’t then also leave a comment below with the steps you’ve tried and the response you got so we can know how to further assist you.


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