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Best Websites to Watch Animations (Cartoons) Online For Free

Best Websites to Watch Animations– We all once have watched Animations (cartoons) on TV, and as I early have said in my recent article on FilmyHit, “The era of Watching shows on TV has gone.” And to support that statement and peoples who completely shifted online, I’m going to provide the best Websites to Watch Animation so that people who watch Animation or Cartoons can continue enjoying themselves without any TV.

You can watch Animations online anytime and anywhere you want. You need a device in which you can access the Internet; either a phone or laptop.

In this article, specifically, I will show you the list of best websites to watch animations. After a little research, we have made a list of sites that allows streaming animation (cartoon) movies for free. So, let’s get started.

What are Animations?

If you are confused and don’t know what animations are, then let me clear it first. In general, Animation is a video in which you see human-made 3D or 2D objects. In other words, it is also called cartoon videos which we watch on cartoon TV channels.

Some popular cartoon channels are Nick, Cartoon Network, POGO, etc. These animation videos are made using the software. The special developer or editor added all the effects and visuals—characters in Cartoon videos added by scanning a real human body and making the exact human body costume. Take the example of the picture of Captain Marvel in the picture below.

So, hopefully, now you know what animations are and how they are made. Now, let me show you the best websites to watch animations.

Best Websites to Watch Animations Online For Free

After stumbling on the internet for a while, we have finally made the list of best working websites for watching Animations. And here, I’m going to list those websites for you to visit and watch animations without hassle easily. So, here are the Best Websites to Watch Animations for free online:

1. CartoonsOn.tv

Best Websites to Watch Animations

It’s in the first position in our list of Animations websites because of its quality. CartoonsOn.tv is a great responsive website that has tons of Cartoon shows available. You can choose your desired cartoons which you wish and start watching instantly and ADS FREE. Yes, you have read right; they don’t show its users ADS in the entire show. And they also let users stream animations for free. As CartoonsOn.tv site is responsive, you can use whatever device to watch animations from there.

Elements on the site are also has placed very well. And you get a good search bar on the site that you can use to find content on CartoonsOn.tv. Moreover, they add animation content daily and whenever any new animations come. And most importantly, they provide users a minimum of three sources to stream the Animations, so if one source doesn’t work or fails to stream, users can use other sources to watch the show. And that’s a great quality of CartoonsOn.tv. We highly recommend visiting the site if you are want to enjoy animations without any hassle.

Visit CartoonsOn.tv

2. Watch Cartoon Online

Best Websites to Watch Animations

Watch Cartoon Online is a web portal that is famous for providing great servers to stream Animations. It is also one of the top websites for watching animations for free. When you visit the Watch Cartoon online, you will see the latest section to find all the latest animations (cartoons) that are newly added on the website. To watch any animations, you need to click on it to visit the streaming page. On the streaming page, you will find a vast list of servers option. They have done a good job by providing huge server options.

When we visit any site for watching or streaming animations, the only thing we struggle with is servers. Most animations website doesn’t provide enough servers for worldwide users. When we select any server to play the animations, we see an error that says “server is too busy.” But things are different on Watch Cartoon Online. However, they almost provide 60+ servers to stream a cartoon show. That’s pretty much good! Right?

By chance, even 10 or 20 servers are busy, and you still have 40 servers left to watch. You will never get frustrated because of the “server is too busy” error on the site. If you really struggle and always get this type of error when trying to watch animations online, I suggest going to this website. They are also regular on adding and updating content to find new content week after week.

Visit Watch Cartoon Online

3. Go Go Anime

Best Websites to Watch Animations

It is also a website that serves animations, but they specifically focus on Anime Animation. Most of the content you will find on this website will be anime cartoons. If you love anime animation so much, this will be your only site for anime cartoons. At Go Go Anime, you can almost watch all the available anime animations for free online. And they are not like other anime cartoons website that provide low-quality streaming. You can stream in HD quality and can enjoy it with any device you have. The Go-Go Anime website’s best pros are they provide all the episodes of a complete show, so you will not miss any events. Also, if there is any new anime show that is live on TV Channels, then after the end of that anime show on TV, you will watch that show on Go Go Anime. Because they are very consistent at adding new content on their site, in the end, definitely visit Go Go Anime for Anime animation content.

Visit Go Go Anime

4. Anime Toon

Best Websites to Watch Animations

Another Anime website that provides anime cartoon shows in dubbed languages. Those who don’t like a language and want to watch animations in a different language can easily watch the dubbed version for free. Anime Toon provides the original version and dubbed version as well as a cartoon show. It is also a professional website, and all the content on the site are entirely original and owned by Anime Toon. Meanwhile, you will not watch any copyrighted or infringement material from there. Moreover, their video streaming service is excellent, and all the servers work correctly. And because they are using premium servers, you will barely see server busy errors. Must check out this!

Visit Anime Toon

5. SuperCartoons

Best Websites to Watch Animations

SuperCartoons mainly serves the full movie of Cartoons shows without dividing them into episodes. And the significant advantage of it is you can enjoy a cartoon show without any breaks. When we watch a Cartoon show divided into episodes, we need to press on the next episode to play. And this process takes time because sometimes videos load very late. Also, in some cases, episodes are missing from the list. SuperCartoons will be great for you if you don’t like watching cartoon shows episode by episode. At SuperCartoons, you will mainly find super-popular cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, Bugs and Bunny, etc.

Visit SuperCartoons

6. KissAnime

Best Websites to Watch Animations

The best anime cartoon website that has all the shows in super high-quality. Do you really want to watch animations in high-quality? If so, then I want to suggest you KissAnime. It’s the best website for watching animations online for free. They have all the types of anime shows available; for instance, you can visit their site and watch any content listed under HOT. In this section, you will only find the best anime shows. And hopefully, you will find it a great website to watch animations online.

Visit KissAnime

7. YouTube

Best Websites to Watch Animations

You may not believe it, but yes, you can indeed watch cartoons/animations on the popular video streaming platform, YouTube. And of course, it’s for free. All the video content available on YouTube is free to watch; everyone knows it. So, how can you watch and who serves cartoon content? Well, many YouTube channels are legally providing free cartoon shows for users. Some of the channels provide the whole episode in one video as a movie, and some have a playlist in which all the episodes are available. Also, some official channels streaming cartoons show, which means you can also see LIVE. So, whether you want to watch Tom & Jerry or Pokemon, you can visit YouTube and search the word cartoon using the search bar. As a result, you will find the cartoon’s content that is available on the Youtube Database.

Visit YouTube


So, this was the list of best websites to watch animations online for free. We have suggested only 7 websites in this article, but we have looked to 15+, but not all of them are good as the listed above websites. So, try them one by one, and you will definitely find the best website to watch animations.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Websites to Watch Animations? If so, share this article with your friends who need this article to be read. Also, comment below which website from above you liked the most.

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