10 Best WireShark Alternatives for Android Devices in 2022


If you are well enough into network communication, you must know about WireShark. WireShark is the most popular network analyzer for PC. You can use WireShark to see anything on your network that’s not encrypted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an Android app, however, you can still track, monitor, or capture network packets on your Android devices using our best list of WireShark alternatives.

Nevertheless, you should note that most of these WireShark alternatives will require root access on your Android phone. This is one of the reasons your device must be on promiscuous mode or monitor mode. This is so because every packet being transmitted over the network will be in promiscuous mode or if not the traffic can be read and analyzed.

On the part of the Windows operating system, it requires a separate WiFi adapter to enable promiscuous mode while Mac has a built-in WiFi card in promiscuous mode. Android has a built-in WiFi adapter for promiscuous mode as well. However, most manufacturers normally turn this off to avoid misuse.

Best WireShark Alternatives for Android

  1. tPacketCapture


tPacketCaputre does one thing which is capturing your network traffic, a bit like Packet Capture or Debug Proxy. However,  when PacketCapture captures data it will save the captured data in Pcap file format. To read that captured data, you would like to transfer the Pcap file to your computer and use packet capturing applications like WireShark.

The app is free, However, if you would like more functionalities you would like to shop for the professional version for $8.

Download tPacketCapture
  1. Nmap


Nmap is a popular open-source network scanning app for Android and desktop. While it works on both rooted and non-rooted Android, you get more functionality during a rooted Android smartphone. Like some apps, Nmap is not available on Google play store or their website.

Instead, you’ll need to compile it by running a couple of commands either using ADB or a third-party terminal emulator like Su/Root Command. If you get permission denied error during the installation, confirm you’ve got given the whole Nmap directory permission.

Download Nmap
  1. Android tcpdump (Root)

Android Tcpdump
Android Tcpdump

Android tcpdump is like a command-line tool for Android devices which suggests it’s not exactly user-friendly but still cool. Users of the Linux OS will feel the right reception as they need experience with command-line tools and tcpdump already. To use the tcpdump you will need to root your phone first.

The phone must be rooted and you’ll also need terminal access. For that, you’ll need terminal emulators and you’ll get that from the Play Store.

Download Android tcpdump
  1. NetMonster


NetMonster will assist you with illegal signals that you simply are receiving by analyzing nearby networks and cell towers. It’ll collect CI, eNB, CID, TAC, PCI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, Band+ information and deliver it to your phone screen. you’ll use all this info in network testing and penetration attacks.

NetMonster will collect all data from the nearby network and that they won’t even realize it. NetMonster is free and there are not any ads either.

Download NetMoster
  1. zAnti


zAnti is one of the best alternatives of WireShark, used network sniffing, it’s also used in penetration testing for Android devices. you’ll do complete network testing and an entire lot of other tests with an easy tap of a button. the number of the items you’ll do with zAnti include, but isn’t limited to, modifying HTTP requests and responses, exploiting routers, hijacking HTTP sessions, changing MAC address, and checking target devices for vulnerabilities.

zAnti also can find security loopholes within your existing network and gives you analyzed reports on how to fortify the defenses to guard your network from possible attacks and infiltration. zAnti was specifically designed for businesses, zAnti needs root access to figure. Moreover, for many advanced features to figure, it’ll change a couple of SELinux configuration settings and put your device into permissive mode.

Download zAnti
  1. cSploit


cSploit is extremely almost like zAnti therein it’s an entire and professional penetration testing tool for advanced users. A number of the features of cSploit include the power to gather and see host systems fingerprints, map local network, perform MITM (man within the middle) attacks, built-in traceroute functionality, you can feature your hosts,  forge TCP and/or UDP packets, and more.

You can use cSploit for real-time traffic manipulation, DNS spoofing, breaking connections, redirection of traffic, capture pcap network traffic files, and hijacking sessions. Most of all, cSploit allows you to scan for known vulnerabilities and make shell consoles on track systems by the  Metasploit framework RPCd feature built-in it.

What’s more, the developer is actively performing on the appliance and there are plans to features like install backdoors on a vulnerable system, decrypt WiFi passwords, and more within the future.

Download cSploit
  1. Packet Capture

Packet Capture
Packet Capture

Using this app, you’ll not only capture and record packets but also decrypt SSL communication using an MITM (man within the middle) attack. Since Packet capture and records all of your traffic using area VPN,  it can run without root permissions. If you’re trying to find an easy and easy packet capture as your alternative for WireShark then try Packet Capture.

Upon launch, you’ll be prompted to put in an SSL certificate which is important to record and capture HTTPS traffic. counting on your requirements, either tap on Install or Skip to continue. Bear in mind that if you don’t install an SSL certificate, some apps won’t be ready to hook up with the web once you are using Packet Capture’s local VPN. That being said, you’ll always install the SSL certificate from the settings panel later.

On the house screen, tap on the Play icon appearing within the upper right corner. This action will start the local VPN and every one of your traffic is going to be automatically monitored and recorded. If you didn’t install an SSL certificate when prompted, you’ll do so by navigating to Settings then selecting Status under the Certificate section.

Download Packet Capture
  1. Debug Proxy

Debug Proxy
Debug Proxy

Debugproxy is another WireShark alternative that interacts with the traffic passing through it, employing a dashboard supported online. HTTP/s host this proxy server, and you’ll need an SSL certificate once you first install it. It can capture and monitor all your HTTP and HTTPS traffic, decrypt SSL traffic using the MITM technique.

One good thing about this is that it has a nice user interface and also captures all packets in native code which makes it fast and responsive. This also means you’ll use the browser on your phone and on your tablet to look at the traffic entity sent from the apps on your cell to the web. Debugproxy also has the power to intercept HTTPS and HTTP2 traffic.

Download Debug Proxy
  1. Wifinspect


Another recommended alternative to WireShark is the wifi aspect. An Android app used by computer security researchers and network administrators. It provides services like  UPnP Device Scanner, Network Sniffer, Pcap Analyzer, Access Point Scanner, Internet vulnerability Scanner, etc.

WiFinspect may be a free app without ads. It’s a multi-tool intended for computer security professionals and other users who are a touch advanced and who wish to watch the networks they own or have permissions.

Download Wifinspect
  1. Mojo Packet

Mojo Packet
Mojo Packet

The mojo packet is GUI-based and very simple usually used to view all speakers going over the internet. This can be used by system admins who want to check packets over the web browser and where they originate from. The interface is very similar to the WireShark Android and had a great graphical approach.

Download Mojo Packet


The above are some of the best alternatives to WireShark for Android phones. When it comes to packet capturing and man in the middle attack we recommend zAnti and cSploit. You can choose any of the above alternatives based on what you want to use it for and use it to your best results.


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