10 Best Zapier Alternatives to Automate Your Work

Zapier Alternatives – Automation is mostly used by businesses to make their workflow faster. Before this was only achieved by productive business suites, but with the help of technology, everyone can now benefit from automation. There are plenty of automation tools available to ease your workflow and boost productivity.

One of these tools is Zapier which is reliable and popular as well. However, Zapier is kind of expensive, and individuals or that personal business may not afford it. So in this article, we will be looking at the best Zapier alternatives for you.

1. Integromat


Integromat is one of the topmost alternatives to the Zapier. It provides a better user interface and controls to users rather than those users in Zapier. Further, it features great task map creations that users can easily define multiple tasks to be done simultaneously. This tool has a free version which is worth a try.

2. Microsoft Flow

microsoft flow

Microsoft Flow is popular software that is giving tough competition to other automation tools. The tool is compatible with hundreds of Microsoft and third-party apps. It has a nice user interface that is easy to use and also stands out from the crowd due to its extensive sets of features.

3. Apiant


Apiant is another automation tool on the list that supports the huge 15000 number of apps. This app is capable of controlling these many apps. You can use it to make multiple triggers and it’s available in two versions – Free and Premium versions. The pricing for the premium version starts from $19 per month.

4. PieSync


PieSync is another biggest competitor of Zapier when it comes to task automation. This tool features an intelligent two-way syncing feature that automatically matches and syncs data across all connected apps. As you can see, this is the best service for automating marketing tasks for businesses and individuals. It’s available for $14 and the trial version is limited.

5. CloudHQ


CloudHQ is a nice tool that focuses on cloud storage and maintaining the synced tone between them. This is best for those that own multiple cloud storage and need to work a lot with them. This tool can help you to automate most of your tasks which you use to do manually.



IFTTT is another Zapier alternative on the list that allows users to connect devices and apps to communicate. This is one of the best services for individuals and business that wants to be more productive. It helps you to automate apps and devices to work together. You can even set the app to post images on your Instagram account and can automate blog posts to share on social media platforms.

7. Automate.io


This is another great tool for those that want to be more productive. You can use this to automate your cloud applications and can easily automate emails, run social media campaigns, etc. This tool is pretty to use and it provides more ways to automate tasks than Zapier.

8. Workato


Workato is still a capable tool to automate your work. One good thing about this app is that it has over 230,000+ recipes to help you automate different tasks. It will interest you to know that over 450+ enterprise apps can be integrated with Workato.

9. Built.io Flow

built.io flow

This is a complete solution to connect any microservices, devices, or platform with an API. One good thing here is that it allows you to automate tasks and processes in all areas of your business, be it be finance or marketing.

10. OneSaas


OneSaas is another Automation service that helps you to automate all areas of your eCommerce business. You can automate accounting, invoicing, billing, marketing, and a lot more. Apart from that, it also allows you to sync with plenty of eCommerce apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.