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Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) is not Showing on GOTV; here is what to do

Big Brother Naija has been the most viewed show in Nigeria. Everyone wants to watch it live from home, while sometimes viewed on mobile devices. Are you worried about Big Brother Naija not showing on your GOTV decoder? Or maybe perhaps your subscription was terminated, and your preferred Big Brother Naija stopped showing during the night hours after renewing your GOTV subscription, and you can’t get the customer service representative to help out. Properly, right here is the solution.

Bbnaija S6
Bbnaija S6

There are numerous viable reasons why the Big Brother Naija channel may not be showing on your GOTV decoder. With a view to keeping away from losing your airtime to call the GOTV consumer care line, let’s test those reasons first, and if none applies to you, we’ll proceed to the final solution.

Why is Big Brother Naija not showing up on my GOTV Decoder?


Multichoice has various channel packages for GOTV. So, in case your GOTV subscription has expired, you’ll be able to watch the BBNaija channel for just a few minutes before the system will slam the E-16 errors on your screen. In this case, you want to quickly renew your subscription by means of using your preferred payment system.

If you are in this category, do not be worried-renew your subscription to restore viewing as the Big Brother Naija channel 29 isn’t always without cost (not an FTA-Free-to-Air) on GOTV. See How To Recharge GoTV Using Recharge Card.


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What is parental control?

Parental Control is a feature that allows you to block programming based on its PG rating, thus controlling what your children can or cannot watch. A family member or a friend may also simply decide to put a stop to the BBNaija channel by actually activating the parental controls, which have an absolute effect on Channel 29 (because CH29 is rated 18+) in your GOTV.

So as to be sure that parental controls have not been activated to your GOTV decoder, you may need to press the MENU button on your remote control, then scroll to “Parental Controls,” then OK/select, and take a look at if it’s disabled or not.

The default PIN is 1234, use the PIN to get entry to the Parental Control settings and disable it. If you get an Invalid/wrong pin, you will need to reset the pin. If that section is disabled already, do not worry, the first step in resetting your PIN is to contact Gotv. Once you reach them, tell them you forgot your PIN. They will ask for your IUC number. Check the back of your decoder for your IUC number and give it to them. Gotv will reset your pin to the default. Once they do it, enter the default parental control PIN – 1234. That’s it!


The ultimate motive why the BBNaija may fail to show to your decoder is whilst you enroll in a GOTV package under GOTV Plus. By default, GOTV MAX and PLUS are the 2 packages that allow for the viewing of Big Brother Naija.

If you have subscribed to different packages besides those indexed above, you have to upgrade your Gotv subscription, which I assume is only feasible after the expiration of the current subscription.

Now that we know all the viable reasons why the BBNaija channel may not be showing, let’s take a look at the ultimate way to solve it.


If you have an active GOTV subscription, either GOTV Plus or MAX, and you already know there’s no Error code or Parental control in your decoder, Kindly contact the GOTV customer care line and talk to one of their representatives and get the Big brother Naija channel activated for you. When you reach the representative, they will need your IUC Number, therefore, make sure you have your IUC number nearby.

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