Blackview BV9900 survived the extreme violent tests

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Since the release date of Blackview BV9900 rugged phone, it seems that this product keeps us overwhelmed with its latest news. But Blackview keeps giving us reasons to learn more about it. This time, they made violent tests for this phone to prove its super durability.

In the new violent test, the Blackview BV9900 survived extreme tests such as fire burning, dust jetting, rolled over by a car, drop test, 19-hour cement burial. What’s more, Blackview extends the BV9900’s operating temperature to -30℃ to 55℃ range. As the video shows, you can make calls even when the phone has stayed in the fridge (-30℃) for over 21 hours. In fact, 4 basic phone functions including Phone, Message, Contacts, Camera can be used at such a low temperature.

These tests have proved that the BV9900 can survive the extremely harsh environment. This is mainly thanks to its outstanding waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof capability rated at IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD 810G military standard.

Of course, the main selling points of the BV9900 do not end with its ruggedness. In terms of specs, it’s no less impressive. You can click here to learn more details about this phone.

According to Blackview official, the BV9900 will launch its world premiere in Dec.23-24 PST at a discounted price of $329.99. In celebration of the opening sale, Blackview will randomly giveaway a $1000 non-threshold coupon to one of the BV9900 buyers who purchase BV9900 at Blackview Official Store at AliExpress. In the meantime, Blackview another new product, BV-SW02 smartwatch will also be available for purchase at only $39.99, 50% off.


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