Blackview X1 Smartwatch discounts at a staggering low price, only $34.99

Smartwatches took 2020 by storm. You may have noticed that more and more people wear a smartwatch with the purpose of either reading time, tracking exercise data, or focusing on some other specific tasks. Think it’s time to buy one or upgrade your traditional watch by adding some apps and notifications to your wrist? There’s a solid choice you don’t want to miss – Blackview X1, a smartwatch for every occasion, offering a staggering low price within a short time.

It motivates you to move, exercise, and stand

Blackview X1 helps you crush your fitness goals with 5ATM waterproof rating, sedentary reminder, and 9 sports modes focusing on specific tasks. It tracks your exercise progress and inspires you to sit less, move more, and exercise every day. You can even compete with friends in challenges. With a heart rate monitor, it keeps an eye on your heart. This is especially important when you are doing intense sports.

A great complement to your smartphone

Checking the time on the phone from your pocket or bag can be rude on a formal occasion. Replacing that with a quick glance at your wrist is quicker, simpler and subtler. Blackview X1 also has a call and SMS notification so you won’t miss any calls anymore even when the phone is in mute mode. In addition, it has music control for help when it’s not convenient to pause the music on the phone.

Can be customized any way you like

Blackview X1 has two straps in different colors included in the package and the dial can support 4 different watch faces so you can choose any watch face & strap combination depending on the way you dress and the occasion you’re in. It could be a great addition to your look.

Watch Blackview X1 Video

Blackview X1 offers a 50% off discount from May 15 to May 24 PST. You can snap up one at only $34.99 during this period. Click here to buy one. Don’t miss it.

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