Blackview X1 Smartwatch Specifications And Price


The Blackview X1 smartwatch is a new smartwatch that brings tons of amazing features. The Smartwatch X1 is now selling at a price of $49.99 which will be your best bet if you are looking for something nice and affordable to complement your nice dress.

Without wasting time, let’s look at the Blackview X1 Smartwatch features and where to buy them.

Blackview X1 Features

On the body design, the Blackview X1 Smartwatch is not looking that special nor does it come with an Apple design. The Watch is just an upgrade to the normal traditional watch. We call it an upgrade because it brings new stuff like access to notifications, health stats, and normal time and date.

You can also use it to track your daily fitness goals easily, and it helps you to keep a record of your day-to-day activity. Furthermore, it has a heart rate sensor for monitoring pulse, blood pressure. The Blackview X1 is preloaded with other useful applications.

Blackview X1
Blackview X1

Track Daily Activities

One of this device’s top-selling points is the ability to track physical activities even under rough and tough conditions like rain, storm, and snowfall. The Smartwatch is built in such a way that it can help to distinguish different activities.


It also provides accurate numbers of calorie count, steps count, and pulse rate. What’s more, you can challenge your friend by making use of the inbuilt feature on the mobile applications.

Connect Your Smartphone

The Blackview X1 has a dedicated Android and iOS app to keep track of different activities, and sync notifications. This feature is mostly useful to users who always pull out their smartphone from their pocket anytime notifications come in.

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You can make use of the call feature so as not to miss any phone call at all. You can use the Smartphone X1 to control your music and camera as well.

Another feature I find interesting on this Smartwatch is the customization. The different colored dials can be used with a different strap for a unique experience. You also have different UIs to choose from.

5ATM Waterproof

The Smartwatch supports a 5ATM Waterproof level which has the same waterproof ability as the normal high-end smartwatches. It can survive splashes of water and it’s also suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and normal temperature shower. But sadly not suitable for diving and high-end water sport activities.


Blackview X1 Smartwatch Price

The Blackview X1 Smartphone is currently selling at a price of US$49.99 on the official website.