Bliss OS brings Android 12L to your PC

If you want to try the Android 12 version dedicated to big screens on your computer, you can try Android 12L thanks to Bliss OS on PC

bliss os on android
bliss os on android

Thanks to the open-source nature of Android, developers can tailor the operating system exactly to their needs. For example, the Bliss ROM developers developed a version of Android known as Bliss OS for the classic x86 platform (the one used on normal computers).

The project has reached its next milestone, as the first beta version of Android 12L that you can run on your virtual machines or PC is now available for download. Notably, there have been 2 alpha builds for Bliss OS 15, based on Android 12, released in December last year.

While the Bliss OS code base is based on Android 12L, Jon West, aka XDA Recognized Contributor electrikjesus, shared the first glimpse of vanilla Android 12L running on a PC through an ongoing Android-x86 build. The developers believe the Android-x86 version is mature enough for common PC setups with the release of the first beta build.

In addition to the normal new features coming with Android 12L, the version has also extended compatibility with desktop hardware by integrating additional drivers and UI enhancements. The Android-x86 project has always remained faithful to an interface similar to Android Stock. Still, this customized version includes a desktop mode launcher as an alternative launcher, which should be more suitable for use with a keyboard and mouse.

The installation is optimized for a UEFI-based environment with a GUID partitioned file system (GPT). Still, experienced users can tinker with GRUB parameters and boot it on legacy platforms as well. There is no need to flash a separate GApps package, as the Play Store and other Google services are pre-installed in the build.

Here is the full log of changes from the initial beta:

  • Added Smart Dock (Launch Desktop Mode)
  • Updated to Linux kernel 5.10.70 (with kernel-SU)
  • Updated to Mesa 22.0.0 (build meson)
  • Added new grub entries for graphics options
  • Added Google Play Store (GMS / Gapps)
  • Fixes for libndk-translation for arm & arm64
  • Updates to multimedia packages for wider support via libva and omx

Where to download Bliss OS based on Android 12L

If you are interested in trying Android 12L on your PC and learning more about the project, go to the official Bliss OS website. Remember that installing Android on a PC isn’t as simple as flashing a ROM on your phone, so developers require you to pass a little test before downloading the ISO package.

However, the direct download link can be found below, but be sure to do your research and read the installation instructions carefully before messing with your PC. Also I recommend installing it on a non-primary computer to avoid compromising it.

Download Bliss OS Android-x86 12L Beta 1


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