Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones Review

Blitzwolf BW HP0 Bluetooth Headphone Review 15
Blitzwolf BW HP0 Bluetooth Headphone Review 15

Music is a word that means so many things to people in a different situation. Some see it as a pain reliever, while other calls it a fun beats to the soul. No matter what your own definition is, music is a nice thing, safe heaven that we always run to whenever we are bored, sad or depressed. To enjoy every beat of your favorite song, you need a good headphone.

Today we are going to share a complete review of the new generation of Blitzwolf Foldable Bluetooth Headphones known as BW-HP0 Headphones; it is headphones released at a very affordable price, so expectations about their performance are quite good. However, if you search online, you will notice that many people are spending a lot of money on other models of headphones that promise almost the same quality.

Below we will be reviewing the Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Bluetooth Headphones which just arrived and we have decided to have a feel of what this new foldable headphones look like, its performance and features.

Before proceeding, remember that there are people who, by looking for cheap devices, end up wasting money on products of poor quality that are damaged in a short time. In the end, when investing in articles like these, Durability should prevail in any purchase. Due to all the above situations, and to avoid bad acquisitions hence our review on this headphones to see if it is really worth the price.

The Headphones arrived in a cool generic 6 3/4 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/4 inches thick packed in white box accents. The box displays BW-HP0 while BliTZWOlF is printed on the front-top-right corner along the wide rectangle. You will find the company name, model number, and other useful information on the rear panel while the left, right, top and bottom panel were devoid of writing. The back panel is where you will get other useful information such as the Bluetooth type, the talk time, and the music playback.

Inside the box are the headphones wrapped in a soft leather bag, 3.5mm audio cable, micro-USB cable, a four-panel comment card, and the user instruction manual. The comment card provided the QR code on one side and the email, while the user manual contains the specifications and a packing list and labeled diagram of the headphones. With this, you won’t have any issue while using the headphone.

Box Packed- the unboxing

  • Blitzwolf® BW-HP0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
  • USB Charging Cable
  •  3.5mm Audio Cable
  • User Manual & Comment Card

Interesting Features Of The Headphone

Bluetooth V4.1: This makes it easy to connect to any device making use of the actions Chip ATS3003  thus delivering high performance with lower power consumption.

Dual Channel Stereo- The Dual Channel Stereo System is a premium one and as such it features a dual Channel Stereo + 40 mm Speaker drive which delivers high-performance components with best sound quality to your ear.

Long Lasting Battery- WIth just a single charge, the 400 mAh/3.7 V Hi-capacity battery lasts up 15 hours with 100 percent of volume on music play time. While on talk time, it takes the headphones up to 18 hours and 200 hours when in standby. Surprisingly, it takes just 2.5 hours to charge fully.

Portable Design- With the foldable and compact design, it fits comfortably on any backpack which will be convenient to take to travel anywhere.

Multipoint Connection: With just one headphone, you will be able to connect to two devices at the same time.

Built-in Mic- In case your connected Bluetooth devices such as phone, tablet, PC has an incoming call, you can answer it via your headphones provided the device is within 33 feet.

Physical Noise-Canceling– If you are in a noisy area, in a bus, taxi or even at home, you will definitely need something to cool off, get rid of the noise and just be in your own world undisturbed. This is exactly where the Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Headphones comes in. The soft earmuffs on the headphones can isolate the noise of the environment


The Bluetooth foldable headphones is equipped with actions Chip ATS3003 and Bluetooth Version 4.1 which delivers high performance with low power consumption. It’s easy to connect it with your smartphone and from there you can play your favorite songs.

There is a premium dual Channel Stereo + 40 mm Speaker driven by a high-performance component that delivers the best sound quality to your ear. It’s built to be portable which you can carry around when traveling or going on a road trip. The compact body fits perfectly in a small bag which is more convenient to travel with to anywhere. I don’t mind taking this for a road trip though.

Another thing I find interesting is the cushions which are built to be soft and comfortable to the ear. The soft earmuffs on the headphones can isolate the noise of the environment. You can adjust the headbands which are also flexible to fit perfectly on your head.

The headphones has 3.5mm audio input which you can be used to play music by connecting it to your phones or laptops. It can connect to multiple devices at the same time. You can also take calls with the headphones over the Bluetooth.

The battery capacity is 400 mAh/3.7 V which can last up to 15 hours with 100% volume when listening to music only, while it lasts up to 18 hours on talk time.

The standby time is more which is way longer than other Bluetooth headphones or Airpod out there.

Construction Materials

The reason for such comfort is that they are made with materials favorable to the skin; we have high-quality PU leather. To describe the latter a little, we can say that it is a layer of polyurethane on a thin layer of leather. This layer imparts a shiny finish to the earmuffs and also adds an additional value to the lower quality leathers. The final quality achieved makes us see that there is nothing better than PU because none of the annoying qualities inherent in leather are present thanks to this material. Using the leather under the PU gives the brand the freedom to use the word leather without being excessively premium and expensive.

On the contrary, the real leather is smooth and simple. Directly treated and tanned according to need. Leather has the following properties:

  • High tensile strength
  • High humidity resistance
  • Excellent resistance to bending.
  • Permeability to water vapor that is good for human skin.
  • Good resistance to abrasion

The headphones has a unique microphone that works on both iPhone and Android. Although, when tested on call, most people on the other end of the line report breakage in voice call. In addition, during this test, it was proved that the headphones allow hearing the voices with a clear and uninterrupted sound.

Button functions

In the control panel at the back of the right headphone, we find next to the microphone three buttons. Those at the upper and lower ends are for increasing and lowering the volume and a multi-function button, The buttons work as follows:

+ Button:

  • Volume Up – Short Press
  • Nest Song – Long Press

MFB (Multi-Function Button):

  • Power ON/OFF – Long Press
  • Play/Pause – Short Press
  • Redial – Double Press
  • Answer Call –  Short Press
  • Hang Up – Short Press
  • Reject – Long Press

– Button:

  • Volume Down – Short Press
  • Previous Song – Long Press

Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Key Specs

General Specification
  Brand  Blitzwolf®
  Model  BW-HP0
  Color  Black
  Wearing Type  Over-ear
  Net Weight  240g
  Dimensions  191*172*80mm
Technical Parameters
  Microphone  Yes
  Bluetooth Version  V4.1 Actions chip ATS3003
  Bluetooth Profile  HSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DP
  Transmission Distance  33inch(10m)
  Rated Power  20mW
  Receive Sensitivity  117dB
  Impedance  32Ω
  Working Frequency  2.402GHz-2.480GHz
  Battery Capacity  400mAh, 3.7V
  Charging Time (h)  2.5h
  Call Time  18H (100% volume)
  Music Playback Time  15H (100% volume)
  Standby Time (h)  200H
  Certifications  FCC/ CE/ ROHS

How To Connet The Blitzwolf BW-HP0 To Multiple Device

Step 1- Connect the first device via Bluetooth

Step 2: Turn off Bluetooth on the first device

Step 3- Now reset the BW-HPO to pairing mode again (This will enter pairing mode with the LED flashes Red & Blue)

Step 4: On the second device, connect to BW-HPO (This will make the LED flash Blue slowly when paired successfully)

Step 5: Now turn on Bluetooth mode again on the first device and reconnect to BW-HPO. (Your headphones will now be connected to your two devices)

Sound Quality

The Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Headphones is compatible with any type of operating system, so they will work if you use an Android or iOS device. In addition, we see a surprising sound quality in these headphones in comparison with other headphones in the same price level we have reviewed. The audio quality is unsurpassed and we will get it for just over $ 24. As for the specific frequencies, here you can get good bass, bass and high, resulting in what we have already said- good sound quality.

Some tests were done on these headphones using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and accompanying it with some premium audio player (PowerAmp), and I can say, the results were cool for a headphone below $50.

They have also been connected to a laptop to test the sound and the result is 8/10. It is impressive that the sound is clean, audible and pleasant with maximum sound. One of the most important things and most appreciated is the bass. His performance really impacted us.

The headset has high sensitivity and can also reproduce a good sound effect with a low impedance of 32Ω. You do not need an external headphone amplifier, this can be achieved on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc.; So not important where you use it, you can really enjoy a good sound quality.

Final Conclusions

We will conclude by saying that the versatility of adjustments, configuration and audio are very good. In addition, all these features of the Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Headphones are combined with a good build and portability. In all the time of the test, there was never any kind of problem with these headphones, the experience was quite a wonder. Blitzwolf has done a great job with this new version of the BW-HP0 Headphones.  They especially managed to include incredible sound quality in the best headphones, at a price that will definitely be worth spending.

Price and Availability

The Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Headphones is now available for purchase. The price is $34.99. However, with our direct buy link, you can get this device at 40% off for just $23.99 on Banggood. Just follow our best deal buy link below and buy the Bluetooth from Banggood and have it shipped to your doorstep.

Buy Blitzwolf BW-HP0 Foldable Headphones


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