Bluetooth activates by itself on my Android phone – 5 possible solutions


Why does Bluetooth turn on by itself on my Android? This is one of the most popular questions among green robot cellphone users and is a problem that not only becomes a nuisance but can also cause more headaches.

It is possible that some major system update is the cause of this problem, some application activating Bluetooth without you noticing, or perhaps it is just a configuration adjustment.

So to permanently solve the Bluetooth problem on your mobile, we will have to try a number of possible solutions.


This is the option that works in most cases and permanently fixes the Bluetooth problem, so start by trying this option.

One of the options that the mobile offers for apps to better determine the location is the Bluetooth search, looking for nearby devices. An alternative that can be useful but that can present this headache to users who do not know they have this option activated on their Android device.

Why might you not have noticed that this option is enabled on your mobile? Since this does not imply that Bluetooth is always on, it is only activated automatically when you perform this dynamic search.

How can I disable the Bluetooth search permanently? Go to Settings >> Location >> Search for WiFi and Bluetooth >> Search for Bluetooth devices. Disable the option, restart your phone, and that’s it.

One detail to keep in mind is that this doesn’t mean you need to have the location disabled. You can keep the location and simply disable the Bluetooth search.


One of the first options you can check are the permissions you have granted to the apps installed on your mobile. If your Bluetooth issue comes from installing certain games or apps, check those options specifically.

And if you don’t know where to start, go straight to the Permission Manager. To do this, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications >> Permissions >> Other Permissions.

Or, if you want the short path, go to Settings >> Privacy Protection >> More Permissions. Once you are in this section with one of the two options, choose the “Applications” column and click “Change Bluetooth connectivity”.

There you will see all applications that have permission to change Bluetooth, so if you want to test if the problem is here, choose some of these options:

  • Deauthorize any app that looks suspicious
  • Restrict permission to all apps in the list from “Restrict All” option
  • Configure that apps ask for permission when they want to access the Bluetooth configuration from the “Ask all” option


If none of the above options worked for you, try resetting your Bluetooth settings. It’s a quick way to reset settings, but there’s a slight downside to this dynamic.

You cannot just reset the Bluetooth settings independently, as this option is found under “Restart WiFi, Mobile Networks and Bluetooth”, so it will affect all connections configured on the mobile.

But if you want to try this option, go to Settings >> Connection and sharing >> Restart WiFi, mobile networks and Bluetooth. Note that you will need to set up all connections again.


If no adjustment in the Android configuration solves the problem, use a third-party application to check if there is a problem with the Bluetooth.

There are several options available on Google Play, such as Device Info. You will see that this app gives you a lot of information about your device, but if you want to focus on how Bluetooth works, go to the “Test” section and choose Bluetooth.

Once the app runs a quick test, it will show you if it passed the test successfully.


This option should only be applied if no other option worked and you suspect a software update is causing this problem or if you have been playing with mobile settings and have no idea how to revert the changes.

In this way, you can restore your Android mobile to its original state, eliminating any configuration errors or conflicts generated by an update or the installation of an application. Before starting this process, please note that you need to make a backup copy of all the data and content you want to keep.

And if you have an SD card in your mobile, don’t forget to remove it so that factory reset does not affect its content. After securing all these details, go to Settings >> About phone >> Factory reset.

With mobile from scratch, you will no longer have problems with Bluetooth, but be careful with all the changes you make and the apps you install so that it does not cause the same problem.

And don’t forget to check the first two settings we talked about so that Bluetooth doesn’t turn on automatically on your device.


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