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Bragi Dash Smart Fitness Monitoring Earbuds Review

The Bragi Dash is touted as the world’s first truly wireless hearable which means no wire is tethering the left earbud to the right. The Dash looks like a pair of wireless headphone that makes it possible to track your activity like a Fitbit or Polar. It focusing on that feature is an essential view of the dash, and the wireless in-ear Monitor (IEM) proposes to do more than that.

However, it also works like a pair of headphone, streaming music wirelessly from your phone through Bluetooth. Even if you happen not to take your phone along during your workout, the Dash has a 4GB onboard storage to save music offline, all you have to do is load it up, and you are good to go. There are 23 embedded sensors that offers a glimpse into the nearest future of wearables.

The Bragi Dash promises a fitness coach, a health aide and a connected virtual assistant all in a device. The device provides audio feedback on your performance with a slightly robotic feminine voice reading your stat into your ears as you go. The Dash as gained more battery life and smartness over time so that it can efficiently record health data continuously. Soon it is expected that the device can help train for marathons, call for assistance when we fall and can even become a real-time translator using its transparency mode and built-in microphone.

The Bragi Dash comes with a charming teardrop design that gives the earbud a less discreet, more smaller look and offers advanced hearing aid. Considering the size, it is expected that the Dash would easily fall off from one’s ears, but this is not the case as the ear tips provide a secure and comfortable fit. It has an extra small eartip and the box contains other three additional sizes of silicone ear tips to aid in getting the best fit you desire.

The earbud will have to be inserted into the ear canal and rotated to lock them in place to secure it. Hviid announced a partnership with Bragi and hearing aid manufacturer Starkey earlier last year before making the Dash, which will result in the custom moulded ear tips for Dash. However, without the custom moulding, the dash remains in place even while jogging. The earbuds can be paired with an iPhone or Android smartphones via Bluetooth like wrist-based wearables like Fitbit.

Both earbuds communicate with each other using a near-field magnetic induction, a tech that is borrowed from hearing aids like those made by partner Starkey. This solves the problem of latency and enables both earbuds to play audio synchronously. The earbuds powers on automatically when you remove it from the set and place it in your ears. At the top of the buds, there is a touch-sensitive surface which allows you to interact with the Bragi Dash like a laptop’s touchpad through a series of tap, swipe and presses.

You will have to touch the right earbuds to control music playback, and the left earbuds are used for fitness and activity tracking. The charging cradle has its battery, so you can drop the earbuds in for a charge allowing the device to be used all day.

What is The Current Bragi Dash Price and Availability Status?

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