Buhari Inaugurates N9.1bn NIS Technology Building

Nis New Building
Nis New Building

There is an urgent need for Nigeria to secure its borders. For that reason, Nigeria’s number one man, President Muhammadu Buhari has inaugurated a massive facility for the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in a bid to improve surveillance and control around Nigeria’s borders and to check the unwanted activities of criminal elements in this country.

The inauguration was held as a virtual event. When giving his speech, the president said that improved surveillance would deter criminal elements from thinking that Nigeria is a safe haven for them to hide and perpetuate their nefarious activities.

He also instructed security personnel and agencies to step up their performance in protecting the lives and properties. It is very important that Nigeria’s Global Security Index gets a boost. To that effect, the president also promises security agencies of giving them the needed support for them to survive and accomplish their mandate.


From now on, he wants NIS to collaborate with International Security Organizations like Interpol in order to safeguard the Nigerian borders. “As a security agency,” he says, “I charge you to be relentless in carrying out your statutory duties of keeping our borders safe while you ensure that criminal elements don’t find Nigeria as a safe haven to hide and perpetuate their criminality.”

The president also encouraged security workers to develop strong working relationships, because it makes for success in migration management. Frontline workers and operators are encouraged to discharge their duties remembering that they Nigeria’s window to the world. It is very important that they show their best face for Nigeria at all times, the president urged.

The new building has been described as the best technology building commissioned since NIS was established in 1958. The building will serve as the command and control center of the NIS, as well as the repository of personal data of Nigerians and expatriates residents in Nigeria.


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