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How Can I Right-Click On My iPad Without A Mouse?

Right-clicking is an amazing function of the modern computer. It provides shortcuts to several options and simplifies the usage of documents or navigation of the web. Even if you cannot really enjoy every right-click function on your PC, you get various available features.

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How To Right-Click On My iPad?

All that is required for right-clicking on an iPad is for you to hold your finger in place on the display for like one second.

However, you must know that unlike a computer or a Mac, it is not possible to “right-click” on an iPad and expect it to do anything, rather, you need to press text, or where text can be typed in, like in an email.

When any bit of text is touched and held, the word below your fingertip will be highlighted and immediately you let go, a small taskbar will be revealed, showing you options to copy, Select All, or Look Up the particular word.

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If you touch and hold on a web link in Safari, a window will be visible, showing part of the page that would open. You will now be able to scroll up to unlock “Open in New Tab,” or “Add to Reading List.”

Lastly, if you tap and hold the iPad display when you compose an email, text, note e.t.c, you will see several options like Copy, Paste, Insert Photo or Video and so on. Just continue clicking the arrows to view all the right-clicking iPad has to offer.

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