How To Check Status Of Your Kenyan National Identity Card

Kenyan National Identity Card 2
Kenyan National Identity Card 2

Getting a government issued National Identity Card is not as easy as registering for one. It is an unfortunate thing that up to 100 million Nigerians and 13 million Kenyans are yet to collect their National Identification Card. However, the majority of these population have no idea if their cards had already been processed and ready for collection at the District office hence this brief guide.

This short guide is directed to the Kenya applicants alone as we have already published an article for Nigerians on how to check the status of their National Identity Card (NIMC) online.

When one is done with the whole process of applying for a national Identity card in Kenya, one is supposed to wait for the identification card to be processed. The waiting period is estimated to last between 6 – 8 weeks. During this time, the applicant is expected to be holding in their possession a waiting slip which serves as their temporary National Identity card.

Before, the applicant would sit and wait until the waiting period is over and then they would go to the office of the District officer to check if their identity card had been processed or not. In many cases, applicants would be told to wait a little longer if it had not been processed yet. This will result in applicants making futile trips to and fro the District office until they get their identity card.

With the new technology, all the applicants can now track the progress in their process of processing their identity card in just a few steps. This can be done either online or by sending a short message. If checking online is the case, one will need an internet connection.

How To Check The Status Of Your Kenya National Identity Card By SMS

What do you need?

To check the status of your ID card through a mobile phone, you need

  • The Nine digit serial number on your waiting card.
  • You also need to have at least 5 shillings airtime for the SMS charge. Or a working SMS plan

The process

  1. Draft a new SMS from your mobile phone
  2. Key in the nine digits of on your waiting Card
  3. Send the SMS to 20031


You should receive an SMS confirmation indicating the status of your ID Card.

Note – There may be a delay in response, if so do not re-send the SMS give it 3 days before trying again

For feedback or quarries email [email protected]

How To Check The Status Of Your Kenya National Identity Card Online

To check the status of the National Identity card online, go to Here, they will be required to enter the first nine digits of the serial number of their identity card. The serial number can be easily read from the waiting temporary card that the applicants receive immediately after applying for their identity card.


  1. Hello i applied for a Identity card last year October I even went for vetting I don’t know why but finally they gave waiting card and my serial number is 249655295 can you track it for me please

  2. I applied my ID on 3rd July 2019 i went after a month but it wasn’t ready yet but then i lost my waiting card I’m i supposed to apply another

  3. I also replaced my ID card on October 2019 till now I have not received, please help me,serial number,,2511466693, email,, davidmakem***

  4. i apllied for my id in 27th november and they told me to come after one month ,i went they told me to come after one week i went and still ,not yet,,,,,plz i need to do something with it as first as possible.I joined driving last month and am still on it because kf the id

  5. Hey, I applied ID three months ago since then I have checked in the commissioner’s office twice yet no signs.
    Please check serial no.2473580042

  6. Hi I am Fatuma yakub I have been waiting for my id for the last three months but I didn’t get it pls help me get my id my serial No is 2481283576

  7. Hi
    My wife by the name Judith Achieng Okoth applied id on September until today she has received it while her fellow applicants on the same day have received theirs. Please held me know how far it has reached.the serials No. 2493051522

  8. Hello, help me identify my ID please i request. i have applied for this document so far 4 times but all in vain. serial No.2493541127

  9. Hello! Please help find my ID if its ready because this the 4th time i have tried to apply but all in vain. Thanks in advance. serial No. 2493541127

  10. kindly am JAMES OMONDI ID serial NO. 7010679751 I applied for ID replacement since last year its now 1 year 5 months. am told my ID Will never be out . kindly am really suffering please help me.

    thank you in advance

  11. i applied for my national id on june 8th at Matungu three months later when sending a message for inquiry am still told the serial number i have entered is not right yet it is the exact nine digit serial num,ber in my waiting card,what can be the problem please

  12. There is this problem of this old lady. The former ID which was bigger, her ID number was 1624581, in 1996 when she applied for the new ID card, they changed her ID number to 1624981, then after sometimes she applied for a new one and they changed her ID number to 16112919. When she apply for a registration of a sim the phone network gets confused. What should she do??

  13. Hi? i have a friend how lose her ID card. NAME is NICHOLAS KIPKURUI SANG ID NUM 3010……..Will you assist him, to give full ID NUM,Please sir/madam


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