Citizen CZ Smartwatch – Stainless Steel, Touchscreen & Great Battery Life

Citizen Cz Smartwatch 2
Citizen Cz Smartwatch 2

If you love smartwatches, you’d love the Citizen CZ Smartwatch. It comes with notably good performance, and when you take a look at the battery life, it is amazing. Of course, the company behind the watch, Citizen, has been in the business of making watches for more than 100 years, although it has footprints in other technologies.

The Citizen CZ Smartwatch Stainless Steel under review is the latest from Citizen. It’s also the company’s first touchscreen smartwatch. That signifies that the brand is moving on to greater things. Many fans of Citizen accepted the latest smartwatch with great enthusiasm.

Design of Citizen CZ Smartwatch

The latest Citizen CZ Smartwatch is a small departure from previous famous watches from the same company. It comes in bezel shape, and there are guards around the crown. Unless you look very well, the watch could resemble another smartwatch. That has been the feedback from many people who are familiar with Citizen.

Citizen Cz Smartwatch 1
Citizen Cz Smartwatch

As mentioned above, one setback is that the design couldn’t really reflect more on the century-old heritage of Citizen popular watch designs. That in itself is not a problem, but for fans who love the brand to a fault, yes it is. Some fans would have been expecting something that fits perfectly with the brand’s outlook. However, it appears that the outlook is changing.

So what do you get? A thin bezel, though the stainless steel looks and feels of very high quality. Check out the Gorilla Glass laid over the screen for maximum protection. The strap is silicone-made, very comfortable on your wrist. The rear is plastic, and may not be the desired thing for some who buy it. The build is solid and mature at the same time.

Display and Performance of Citizen CZ Smartwatch

It has a 1.28-inch AMOLED display which has 416 x 416-pixel resolution, giving it a sharp appearance. The smartwatch is powered by Google Wear OS. This chip is still the darling of many smartwatch manufacturers.

For performance, it does most tasks nicely. Tracking workouts, receiving notifications, and using apps are quite easy things to do. The 1 GB RAM comes with the latest software, making everyday usage a breeze.

Battery Life

The battery power is decent. But with daily use, the performance is dragged down. If you make use of the wellness app, turning it off overnight, it is easy to get a three days usage. If you do other things like stream music and use Google Maps intensively, you may have just two days if you charged the Citizen CZ Smartwatch fully. Take advantage of the fast charging to get it done quickly in about one hour.

Citizen Cz Smartwatch
Citizen Cz Smartwatch

Citizen CZ Smartwatch Specs

ApplicationFitness tracker, sleep monitor, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
Wireless Communication StandardBluetooth
ColorBlue, Gray, Black
Operating SystemAndroid
Interface InputWater-Resistant
Case MaterialStainless steel

Personalize the Citizen CZ Smartwatch

There are dials designed by Citizen, and those who want can customize options as they deem fit. The user is able to choose what information he wants to receive. There are options such as heart rate, weather, fitness goals, dual time zone, and others. You can make use of the smartwatch comfortably for one day because of its good battery life. You can also extend usage by setting the option for multi-day extended mode.

Price of Citizen CZ Smartwatch

Citizen CZ Smartwatch sells from $325 for the smallest. The price changes as the size. For larger sizes, you may have to spend up to $395.


The battery could have been a stronger one. Although some may be mistaken for a sports smartwatch, it is not. Many people enjoy using it as a blend in with business attire. It works for many purposes. Overall, the Citizen CZ Smartwatch is a good buy.


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