How to convert video to audio in Android in a simple way

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convert audio from video cover mnzdantsyn6mzmxfqgwa3vo6lh943kmukp9u8qbtf0

One of the most recurrent uses in smartphones and tablets is the multimedia player, either through videos, music or sounds. Thanks to the applications available in the different stores of the operating systems, we can perform actions such as downloading videos from external sources or transforming files of different formats to other more common ones. Based on previous occasions we have taught you how to download your favorite YouTube videos and to save the Video files from WhatsApp status. So, today we will show you how to convert video into audio in an easy way.

Convert video to mp3 or acc easily

Who has not wanted to convert video into audio on Android at some time to transfer this recording more easily to other people? With the application of Video-MP3 Converter available in the Play Store, doing it is a child’s thing.

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To get started, all you need do is download the latest Video-MO3 Converter app from GooglePlay Store below:

We just have to install it on our devices and open it to proceed with the conversion. In it, we will see a preview of all the videos hosted in the Movies folder inside the internal storage of the phone or tablet in question, although we can change the routes of the videos and audios exported in the sprocket of the bar at the top of the application.

Then, we will select the video to be converted and choose the format (mp3 or acc) and the desired quality (from 128 to 320 kb / s in CBR mode and from 130 to 245 kb / s in VBR). Next, the video will converge to a new audio file hosted in the folder that we have previously selected.

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It should be added that videos without audio and gif files cannot be converted to audio due to the absence of sound from them, despite the fact that the application supports all types of video files. Also, we can convert audio files in other audio files (worth the redundancy) according to the format and quality that we have selected in the Sounds section within the application itself.


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