How to Create Disposable Email Address with Yopmail


Trying to access a site and you are required to create an account before you can access it. maybe you just want quick info with no intention of going back to the site later. Your best bet is to use a temporary email. This article shows how to create Yopmail disposable emails.

Temporary emails are emails that just as the name specifies, do not exist for long. They can last from hours to a few days. They are the best option to use if you are all about privacy surfing the internet.

Aside from privacy, using temporary emails helps to keep your main email nice and neat, and free of unwanted junk mail from sites you do not even recognize.

There are so many good disposable email platforms or websites, but one of the best is Yopmail.

Key takeaways

  • No Registration!
  • No Password!
  • Auto-generated inbox!
  • Messages are kept for 8 days!

Yopmail, what is it?

Yopmail is a temporary or disposable email service provider founded in 2004. They offer free email inboxes that store messages temporarily for 8 days. Getting an email address does not require any registration. So there is no password to protect your mail. All you need is a unique name when creating one.


Downside? Two persons can share the same address and get to see the messages. So while giving you privacy, its security is not too buoyant.

The unique thing about Yopmail is that your inbox does not expire as with other temporary email service inboxes that get erased after the designed time frame, ceasing to exist.

How to Create a Yopmail email address

Creating an email address on Yopmail is stress-free. You do not need a password or a verification of any kind.

Yopmail already has @yopmail inboxes for any possible address you can think of. Yes, any address you can think of, followed by @yopmail.com already exists publicly on Yopmail. So there is no need to create one. So you can have and use a Yopmail email without having to visit the Yopmail website. All you have to do is enter any string of characters followed by @yopmail.com in the required space for the email address.

To create a Yopmail email

  • Open yopmail.com
  • Enter your desired email name in the space provided and click on the enter button. It is advisable to choose a more random and not popular email name. Make use of the Random Email generator button if you are out of ideas.

yopmail create
However to check your inbox

  • Go to Yopmail.com
  • Type the email name of your choice in the space provided.
  • Click on the right arrow button at the end of the box or the one on your keyboard to proceed to your inbox. yopmail inbox
yopmail email address generator
email address generator screenshot

The inbox is a simple and neat interface showing your Yopmail email address and an alias email address right underneath it. We will talk about alias email names later on. Underneath this is the options, delete, edit and refresh button on a horizontal row.

The options button allows you to empty the inbox at once or undo a delete action.

The delete button does exactly that, delete selected messages.

The edit button is used to compose a mail.

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The refresh button refreshes your inbox to show new messages.

Yopmail email alias

Like I earlier said, Yopmail is not buoyant on the security aspect. There are no passwords and all the accounts are public and shared. Meaning, anybody can access, read and even delete inbox contents so long as they input the same email name that you used. Let’s say you use a very common word as an email name, it is certain you will find out that it is already in use by many people. This you will know when you see the messages in the inbox already.

Well do not be too excited, you are not a hacker and you have not cracked anybody’s email yet. So relax, genius. The same way you see messages for others in an inbox is the same way they see yours. Anyone that sees your Yopmail email address anywhere can decide to check the contents if they want, and that they can do. So to be a bit more private and not link the inbox to yourself, it is better to use an alias.


For the sake of user safety, Yopmail generates a unique alias for every Yopmail inbox. An alternate and more secured address you can use, leading to the same inbox as the one you created. This can be seen directly underneath your inbox name when you open it. Tap on the copy button beside it to copy and use it.

Here is how Yopmail alias inbox works:

Any email that is sent to an alias inbox gets forwarded automatically to the main inbox that is linked to the alias. That way the public can see the email address but have no idea where the message is going. So no one can travel and read your inbox when you are using an alias.

Alternate Address

Alias’s inbox is always empty since no messages go in. It is more or less a decoy. So if someone decides to check your inbox using your alias, well, it will be a cold welcome.

Yopmail alternate domain name

Have you ever been on a website and while inputting your details or creating an account, you get the prompt that says, we only accept Gmail accounts. Well, that being said, not all websites are friendly towards the use of disposable emails. Some already have things in place to block emails, such as the one ending with @yopmail.com. To fix this, Yopmail offers a list of alternate domains.

Alternate Domain

Alternate domains are simply a different ending after the @ symbol in your email name. Using one will free you from getting blocked by a system that is programmed to block emails ending with @yopmail.com. They are not a different email altogether, despite the change in the domain name, any email sent will still be forwarded to your main email name on the Yopmail website. Below are some of the public alternate domains that Yopmail offers.

  • @yopmail.fr
  • @yopmail.net
  • @cool.fr.nf
  • @jetable.fr.nf
  • @courriel.fr.nf
  • @moncourrier.fr.nf
  • @monemail.fr.nf
  • @monmail.fr.nf
  • @hide.biz.st
  • @mymail.infos.st

So if you have an issue with the website, just replace @yopmail.com with any of the above and you are good to go. Hey, genius, you just slipped through security!

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are disposable emails illegal?

Disposable emails are still regular emails, just temporary. They are not illegal in any way and are only meant to protect users’ privacy and from unwanted spam emails after signing up.


Q2. Is Yopmail safe?

Yopmail is perfectly safe to use. It might not be all that private to use since the email names are public and shared, but it does not link in any way to your real email and does not require any of your details like a phone number to work. It is a free service that is easy to use, so be rest assured that no one can hack any of your accounts through your disposable email.

However, to be on the safe side, do not disclose anything private in a Yopmail chat. It is public and anyone can see it.

Final thoughts

Yopmail is not just the only disposable email service available. There are many out there. Using temporary emails should involve some level of carefulness. Try to keep your private details away from disposable emails.