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Anyone involved in graphics knows how difficult it is to find the right font for the job at hand. Searches are often unsuccessful because, after exhausting web surfing, you come across the right font, but that is often paid for. The craze for creating personalized fonts is also taking hold among non-experts since there are several sites on the web that offer easy tools, usable by everyone, to create and personalize writing on the PC.

With these online font creator tools, you can create stunning web fonts for your website or blog, or even use them in Word documents.

1) FontStruct is a web application for designing custom fonts, completely free and very intuitive. After registering, it is possible to access FontStructor, the font editor, which, through an interface, developed entirely in Flash that is very reminiscent of that of the most common design software, provides drawing tools to create our personalized font. The creation of our character set can be done along the lines of existing Latin, Greek, Arabic, or Hebrew ones, by adding and removing pixels, drawing lines, and creating geometric shapes in a working grid. Quite a long job, but it’s really creative and fun.Once we have built our FontStruct by saving it, the True Type font is automatically generated, ready to be used in any Mac or Windows application. The created fonts can be saved and made available to other users in the Gallery.

In this way, it is possible to have access to a list of fonts that are all downloadable for free. You can search for fonts in the Gallery by how many times they have been downloaded, voted on, added recently, etc., or you can browse by category. and by choosing the type of font (scripts, pixels, sanserifs, etc.). Fonts downloaded from the Gallery can be edited to create a new font. Font widgets created with FontStruct are also available for use on your blogs and websites. Just two months ago, just over 60 fonts were available in the site’s Gallery, today there are around 570. It is evident that custom font fever is spreading rapidly!

2) Calligrapher is a site that makes it simple to create your own personalized computer font. You can adjust the width or height of each letter and move sliders to change every detail and proportion. Once satisfied, you can download the font as an OpenType font or web font and use it in other applications for free.

3) Prototypo is an online tool for designing custom characters, not to create a font from scratch but starting from an integrated set of Latin Unicode Basic characters. You can change the spacing, position of letter accents on all diacritical glyphs, capital thickness, height, thickness, and width of letters.

4) BirdFont finally, it is a free program that can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs to create new fonts by drawing them point by point and letter by letter. This program is a free font editor that allows you to create vector graphics and export EOT, TTF, and SVG fonts.

5) FontForge is a free font editor for your Windows PC that lets you create fonts from scratch or edit an existing font file. This program can handle various types of font files, such as TrueType, PostScript, OpenType and others. The user interface of this software is easy to use even for beginners.

6) BitFontMaker2 is a very simple online font creator, with an editor for designing characters.

7) Fontark is a website for creating professional-looking fonts and typefaces, for free.

8) Gliphr Studio is an online tool that can be used to create fonts for free, where you can draw characters.

9) On the other hand, the sites for creating and downloading a font with your own handwriting for writing by hand on the computer are truly exceptional.

10) TypeLight is a fully functional freeware OpenType font creation program for designing, editing, and converting OpenType TrueType and PostScripts fonts as well. This tool is free and limited to personal and commercial use. You can open, save and convert .otf and .ttf fonts.

11) You can also find a font from an image or a photo.

12) The best site on the internet from which to download fonts and personalized and fun writings with graphics of remarkable workmanship is instead Smashing Magazine.

13) On the Fontspace site, there are about 9,000 free fonts ready for download and installation on your computer. Fonts are sorted by category, popularity, novelty, and alphabetically.

14) The Identifont site, on the other hand, the Identifont site, in addition to being a database of fonts and characters searchable by name or popularity, also offers a questionnaire for creating a font or a font from scratch and adapting it to everyone’s preferences. At the end of the “questionnaire,” Identifont will show all the fonts and related information that best match the given preferences.


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