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Customers Can Make Wrong Security Choices, Warns Kaspersky

As 2021 commences, security experts have more to worry about issues pertaining to cybercrime and other security challenges. Kaspersky is one of the few companies that has notified partners against endpoint security issues. Kaspersky wants partners to educate customers on the risks of putting their faith in what it called silver bullets from rivals.

Customers may be making the wrong decision with their technology choices, and that can make the situation worse. The pandemic has necessitated that more demands being put on endpoint security products. In a bid to protect themselves, individuals may resort to cheap and inadequate products.

Kaspersky is worried that some next-generation and firewall vendors are presenting themselves as the solution to EDR because of what acquisitions they made. However, these products don’t provide the full depth of endpoint protection. These products could leave customers exposed to multiple risks.

Though there are tips and guidance on the use of these products, Kaspersky wants to ensure that customers get re-engaged on issues surrounding the debate of endpoint protection, which becomes very important this year.

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Hardware And Software Safety

The endpoint security market is expected to grow by $8.8 billion between 2020 and 2024. But as the report also said, the market is already fragmented with numerous vendors, and the situation may worsen over the next few years.

Kaspersky thinks that the best way to safeguard businesses’ interests worldwide is to give businesses what they need at any particular time. It is not about noise-making, but about the conversation that begins with discussing what businesses really need.

The security vendor also says that EDR systems are not the only solution to an organization’s security. But they form a valuable and indispensable layer of security to ward off the most dangerous capabilities that cybercriminals can throw at business establishments.

Finally, it is good to note that EDR solutions must be deployed into a managed, licensed, and hardened IT environment, said a security expert.

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