Dance to the Rhythm with these 5 Best Music Players for iPhone

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With music, we can relax, draw inspirations or even dance to the rhythm. Music is also therapeutic. Whichever purpose you use music for, having the right music player to meet your listening needs will make things better. Most of the music players have the important features that every music player should have, but some have more advanced features that will add pleasure to music listening. We’ve done the hard job of finding 5 of the best music player apps for iPhone.

5 Best Music Players for iPhone

1. Vox Music Player

On this list, we have Vox Music Player as one of the best amongst others. It offers a fluid and intuitive interface which lets you interact with it by swipe gestures, thus not giving room for the traditional playback buttons. It works well on iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. Changing tracks is as easy as swiping left and right while to pause and play, you just tap anywhere on the playback screen. To open the queue, you have to swipe up and closing it involves you doing the opposite – swiping down – and it takes you to the penultimate menu. There is an equalizer onboard with presets useful for tweaking the sound output as well as a graphical interface.


2. Music On

Music On is on the list of best music app for the iPhone. It has a simple UI which makes the experience a pleasant one. Search any sing, get the trending music and play them on Music On. The app curates music contents from all over the world, and you can search for artists, tracks, or albums. You can create playlists or put them in the favorite list. Play options include repeat or shuffle. It is nicely designed and fast so that you experience excellent music feeling. The audio output of your songs can be tweaked to give your desired results by its powerful audio configuration


3. Google Play Music

Whether you have an active internet connection or not, you can listen to different genres of music, thanks to Google Play Music. The app lets you upload and play up to 50000 songs if you’re on a standard account. You can play the songs in your personal library without paying anything. It also offers you the ability to create playlists. If you subscribe to the paid option, you can enjoy ad-free unlimited listening and YouTube Music Premium free of charge. There’s also a family plan available that enables you to share Google Play music with up to six members.


4. Radsone Hi-Res Player

Radsone Hi-Res Player has advanced features that offer analog-quality audio to make playback of better quality. It promises to beat other music players for iPhone in this respect. One feature that is key in this app is Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT) which gets sounds to suit different music scenarios. It does this by removing losses acquired via digital compression. There are many preset for selection to suit listening on earphones, car infotainment systems, or external speakers. You can tweak these preset to match your taste.


5. Equalizer+

For maximum bass output, choose Equalizer+. It is an excellent choice for those that want to adjust the output sound to suit there listening. The app comes loaded with nine effects, which will improve sound quality. Tons of features will aid your listening pleasure. Repeating of songs is easy, and you can also do that for the whole playlist too. You move around within your album and songs quickly. Most of the available music formats are playable on this app.



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