What is Data Roaming and How to Enable It

Data Roaming – As a smartphone user, you must have heard of data roaming. But do you know what it means?

Data roaming is usually used as a reference for cellular data usage if the smartphone user is not or is out of range. This is useful so that smartphones that are outside the range of the network can still be used as they should.

Know What is Data Roaming

In a sense, data roaming can be said to be an advanced data service that is received by a starter pack, even though its use is outside the cellular operating area of ​​the card.

This is useful to help users who travel internationally to be able to continue to use their usual starter pack.

For example, when you go to Japan and there is no cellular network available from the SIM you are using, then you can activate it so that the smartphone can still capture the network while in that place.

The term roaming has long been known by smartphone users. Even roaming is also often used when changing services from home to another network. This setting is known as roaming.

The use of roaming was actually more popular in ancient times when there were still limited internet services in many countries. However, at this time the use of roaming has been developed, from a national class to an international one.

This development makes the starter pack from China can be used in Malaysia, Singapore, and other neighboring countries. That way you can still use your starter pack when traveling abroad.

Data Roaming Function on Smartphone

Functionally, data roaming can help smartphone users to still be able to communicate even though they are abroad.

With such a function, smartphone users can still carry out all normal smartphone activities, such as browsing and browsing on existing social media.

But to be able to do this, you have to make sure that the package must exist. If it’s already there, all you have to do is turn on the roaming service on your smartphone, so you can browse even if you’re abroad.

Should it be Enabled?

When it comes to whether or not it should be activated, you don’t actually have to activate or turn on roaming even though you are abroad. Moreover, you are still in the range of the starter card provider network that is being used.

To be able to find out the network coverage of a card provider, you can check the official website or browse the internet. In addition, there are card providers that provide special data packages that can be used internationally without roaming.

How International Data Roaming Works

It seems as explained above that data roaming can work internationally. This happens because there is an agreement and cooperation between a card operator and those outside the country.

For example, when you go to England, but there is no Telkomsel network. However, Telkomsel has collaborated with the provision of networks in the UK. This is what makes Telkomsel cards can still be used in the UK by activating data roaming.

This is also the reason why the package prices are very expensive. This is because the services provided are of international class, thus requiring expensive services and maintenance.

But if you don’t want to use it because of the high price, then there are several ways you can do it. Here’s how to avoid using it when traveling internationally:

Disabling Data Roaming

The first thing you can do is disable it manually. This deactivation will not happen automatically, so you have to do it yourself in the settings menu

Turn Off Cellular Data

If you are still unsure whether it is still active or not, then you can turn off cellular data to fix it. You don’t need to worry because at this time there are many places that provide free Wi-Fi. So you can still actively surf the internet when connected to Wi-Fi.

Buying an International Data Package

The last way that you can use is to buy and use an international data package. Currently, there are many card operators in different countries that provide international data packages. So you can take advantage of this data package when traveling internationally.

What Can Be Done?

Although the above discussion is more inclined towards internet users on data roaming, it does not mean that it only applies to internet usage. Basically, when you use roaming, you can still use all the services provided by the card provider normally. Here are things you can do when you activate it:

  1. Can send MMS internationally.
  2. Can call internationally.
  3. Can make video calls internationally.
  4. Can receive messages from others internationally.
  5. Can receive calls from others internationally.

Fees for Using Data Roaming

Due to the use of international data roaming, of course, the price is also relatively expensive. Unlike the normal data package which is priced at an affordable price. Data roaming is usually priced at double the price.

In addition, each card provider provides different prices, it depends on the needs and the data provided. To find out the price for each provider, you can check the card used.

You can buy roaming data using credit as usual, just like buying other data packages. For the record, it would be better if you contact the provider when you want to buy the package

How to Enable Data Roaming

Enabling It On Android

Here are the steps you must take to enable data roaming on Android:

  1. Enter in SIM card & mobile data.
  2. Select the card for which you want to activate data roaming, for example, SIM 1.
  3. Next, please scroll down until you see data roaming and turn on the option.
  4. Finished.

Enabling It On iPhone

Here are the steps you must take to enable data roaming on your iPhone:

  1. Enter in SIM card & mobile data.
  2.  Select the card for which you want to activate data roaming, for example, SIM 1.
  3. Next, please scroll down until you see data roaming and turn on the option.
  4. Finished

That’s an explanation of data roaming and its activation using Android and iPhone. This data roaming is basically not very useful unless you are traveling internationally.

However, for those who often make international sales in a short period of time, they tend to use wifi to overcome their network usage. However, if they are going to have a long international trip, they will usually buy a new starter pack in the area because the price is relatively cheap.

It all depends on your reality as a user, how comfortable is it? Whether to use data roaming or buy a new starter pack in the area.

How to Avoid Data Roaming Fees When Abroad

Because buying an international data package requires a fairly expensive budget, of course, you have to look for other alternatives. You don’t need to worry, because there are other ways besides activating data roaming and buying a local SIM card which is quite difficult.

You do this by buying an eSIM, there are many eSIM service providers including MTN. By using this service, you can even buy a cellular data package anywhere without having to buy a physical SIM card.

Even if your data quota runs out, you can top up immediately or you can buy an eSIM from another operator. In essence, the cellular data that MTN offers is separate from standard or local cellular data.

What is an eSIM?

For information, nowadays almost all the latest smartphones have an eSIM feature, which functions the same as a SIM card equipped with a phone number and data package that allows the smartphone to connect to the cellular internet network, call or text SMS.

This saves a lot of time, especially if traveling to a country like Singapore or France where passports will be scanned and recorded when purchasing a SIM card.

Some smartphones that can use eSIM include several devices that already support eSIM, including the iPhone, iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Some flagship Android phones also support eSIM.


If you only need a city for data, MTN is the solution, because, on the MTN eSIM, you won’t get a phone number to receive calls or SMS.

And in it, All the plans are pre-paid, not auto-renewable. So you don’t have to worry if you want to cancel your package when you leave the country you are visiting.

How to Use MTN for Data Roaming

Another convenience that MTN offers is that their network is in almost all countries in the world. You can check country availability on the official MTN page.

To buy a data roaming package on MTN, you only need to visit the website here, then select the country you want to go to then select the product on MTN and make a purchase there until the purchase process is complete.

After that, you can download the MTN application to make all transactions easier and see the available data quota.

There are many product choices available on MTN’s service, you can choose them according to your needs, make sure the internet data you buy is sufficient to be used in the destination country, yes, even if it’s lacking, you can still top-up.

The final word

Dara roaming is indeed very annoying because the price is quite expensive, but now the internet is a necessity, so to save costs on communication, using an eSIM from MTN is quite helpful, with internet data you can already activate communication tools such as WhatsApp, Telegram and various social network to stay connected with friends and family.