Disney Plus to Add 100+ New Shows in 2022

Disney Plus
Disney Plus

Disney Plus has reached a new and amazing success by crossing the 100 million subscriber mark worldwide. This could be what is propelling the company to do more for fans than it has already done.

Surely, Disney Plus will be hoping to match Netflix in subscribers, but that may not happen soon because all it has now is just about half of what Netflix has – 203.6 million subscribers worldwide. It took about 16 months for Disney Plus to reach that number of subscribers.

On the other hand, Netflix has been building its subscriber base since 13 years ago. If Disney Plus can keep the momentum, it could surpass Netflix in a few years to be the most popular streaming service on planet Earth.

Disney Plus 655x368
Disney Plus 655×368

In view of this major increase in subscribers, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Chapek said hitting the 100 million subs so quickly is the main reason for them to quicken the pace to significantly increase their investment in the development of high-quality content.

As such, more than a hundred new titles will come to Disney Plus every year, said Chapek. The new titles will include Disney Animation, Disney Live-Action, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

A news information outlet, T3.com said that what Disney Plus provides now is out-of-this-world content. When the new content is added, the company will deliver out of this galaxy level of content.

Competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount Plus will be jealous. Disney will make business harder for other streaming services because it will soon offer more fabulous content for a low price. Bad news already for its rivals because of the milestone that Disney Plus achieved in 16 months but there is still more to come.


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