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Do you like Grey’s Anatomy? Netflix has an even better imitation

Very recently, the end of the sixteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy was finally announced. That due to the outbreak of COVID-19 it was shortened in some episodes… So, it made it known a little to some fans of the series. However, if by any chance you really love this series that already has 16 seasons and about 350 episodes released. Then you will certainly like the new great Netflix series also just the same genre.

That said, this new series is called “Away“. And it is being considered by many fans the “Grey’s Anatomy” of the space. After all, the actors in the series will also have to deal with serious and important work, while getting involved in a giant web with their personal problems and dramas with their shipmates. But is this series as good as Grey’s Anatomy?

Away. Netflix
Away. Netflix

Do you like Grey’s Anatomy? Netflix has a better imitation!

So this Netflix series is about a group of astronauts traveling to Mars on a mission. However, the ship suffers some problems during the flight. And the whole group needs to see what’s going on, assess the problem, and resolve everything quickly.

However, the problem becomes more serious than expected. And the astronauts will have to arm themselves in real “surgeons” since the diagnosis determines that the ship will have to do a “heart transplant”. Or as if to say, an exchange of engines.

So, as you would expect, emotions start to emerge at a time when it is imperative to survive. And the drama quickly takes over the entire environment on the ship. But will everything go well in this new Netflix series?

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In short, this new series “Away” arrived on Netflix a few days ago. As such, it is already available on the platform to be viewed by any user. That said, if you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, go check it out and then comment below if it looks like it or not!

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